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How to Stay Calm in the Middle of the Big Meet

You have trained your butt off all year, killed it over the holidays, and declined your friend’s invitations to go out on the weekend so that you could hibernate and recover. Now comes the fun part – unleashing all of that hard work at your year-end meet. read more

5 Tips to Help You Fall Asleep the Night Before Your Big Race 

It’s the night before the big race and you are staring wide-eyed at the inside of your eyelids, thinking, panicking, and thinking some more. Did I prepare enough? I wish I hadn’t missed that couple of days of workouts when I got sick. My competitor looked really good at finals tonight. Is that coach snoring four rooms down? 

Having prepared for months, thrown all of our effort into this one big swim, we often work ourselves up from over-analyzing everything from how we felt in the water that day to our shave down job. All this nervous energy ends up keeping us awake long into the night, throwing glances at the digital clock while telling ourselves if we fall asleep right this moment we can still get X hours of sleep.

Here are 5 strategies to help you fall asleep a little quicker at the big meet: Read more.


How Do I Stay Motivated to Train Hard?

The assumption is that elite swimmers wake up fired up, ready to go, 24/7. What many swimmers don’t realize is that they suffer from the same motivational lapses as the rest. They also have those mornings when the last thing they want to do is roll out of bed. In other words, what you are experiencing is not weird.

What differentiates them from mere mortals is what happens next. That in the face of fatigue, soreness, and lack of motivation they still find a way to make it to the pool and crush their workout. Click here to read 6 ways to dust off the inner drive: