Practices will start the week of August 24th as follows:
Bronze - Only MWF  3:30
Yellow - Only T/TH  3:30
Silver - M-F 4:40-6:00
Gold - *Only those who are NOT part of a HS program* - Swim with Silver this week
Beginning August 31 we will transition to schedule on the roster.

Group assignments are subject to change based upon training ability. It is possible that your swimmer may be moved to a different group during the first couple of weeks if we determine that we have placed the athlete in a group above or below his training ability.

Generally, the practices will be held in the indoor pool. However, there will be times when practices will be held in the outdoor pool (which is heated and will be covered with a dome during the colder months).

Practice times are listed at the top of each group’s roster.

2020 Roster