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Updated June 8, 2018

Committed Collegiate Swimmers

Noah Carter - Oklahoma Christian University

John Clinard - University of Tampa

Ben Kelly - Delta State University

Eli Knobloch - Grand Canyon University

Allie Raab - Stanford

Current Collegiate Swimmers

Mary Cayten Brakefield - University of Tennessee

Lara Beth Case - Trinity University (TX)

Casey Charles - Carson Newman University

Taylor Charles - University of Alabama

Shannon Chelsvig - University of Wyoming

Kathryn Cole - United States Naval Academy

Chatham Dobbs - University of Arizona

Wes Duke - Indiana University

Elena Escalas - University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA)

Bailey Flynn - Texas Christian University (TCU)

Carrie Johnson - University of Tennessee

Zoe Kimbrough - Hendrix College

Spencer Klinsky - Miami University (OH)

Eamon Morris - Trinity University (TX)

Wilson Norris - Centre College

Elijah Patrick - Kenyon College

Sophie Pilkinton - Yale

Meaghan Raab - University of Georgia

Tim Raab - University of Tennessee

Hannah Sisler - Birmingham-Southern College

Theresa Smith - Hillsdale College

Elizabeth Stinson - University of Southern California (USC)

Noah Stopkotte - Trinity University (TX)

Tatum Wade - University of Southern California (USC)

Matthew Wehby - Miami University (OH)


Past Collegiate Swimmers - Partial List

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Seth Akers-Campbell - Brown University

Bill Allen - Auburn

Brian Allen - College of Charleston

Kate Beuter - Washington University in St. Louis

Brianna Bleymaier - Gardner-Webb University

Brian Bolton - University of Texas

Reece Boyd - University of Alabama

Adrian Cameron - University of Florida

Evins Cameron - Stanford

Parker Camp - University of Virginia

Taylor Camp - West Virginia University

Erik Campbell - Rhodes College

Craig Cates - Virginia Commonwealth University

Amy Caulkins - University of Florida

Tracy Caulkins - University of Florida

Michelle Chintanaphol - Yale

Christina Clayton - Gardner-Webb University

Kathryn Collier - University of Tennessee

Laura Collier - University of North Carolina

Adam Cornett - University of Tennessee

Shantel Commander - University of Kentucky

Mike Crady - University of Kentucky

Andrea Cross - University of Florida

Rachel Curtiss - Middlebury College

Ted Curtiss - Purdue University

Julie Darby - University of Tennessee

Maclin Davis - University of Southern California

Paschall Davis - Yale

Mary Ann Dempster - University of North Carolina

Van Diehl - University of Alabama

Andrew Dobbs - Western Kentucky University

Morgan Flynn - University of Virginia

Phillip Fossee - West Virginia University

Macie Garrett - University of Texas

Maddie Garrett - University of Tennessee

Craig Gilliam - University of Tennessee

MIchael Gilliam - University of Tennessee

Dian Girard - University of Texas

Jann Girard - University of  Texas

Alex Goss - Yale

Megan Goss - Northwestern University

Anna Grainger - Notre Dame University

Elizabeth Grainger - Tufts University

Sheila Hanley - North Carolina State University

Clark Henson - California State University-Northridge

Caitlin Heyman - Indiana University

Dakota Hodgson - University of Southern California

Greg Houchin - University of Tennessee

Lee Houchin - University of Tennessee

Chris Housden - Western Kentucky University

Alice Irvin - Auburn

Hayes Johnson - University of Texas

Deirdre Jones - University of Michigan

Jeremy Kane - Stanford

Katrina Keirns - University of Kentucky

Annie Killian - Yale

Bridget Killian - Bowdoin College

Mary Killian - Princeton

Pat Killian - Yale

Patty King - University of Florida

Garrett Keirns - Xavier

Chris Kellam - University of Florida

Jennifer Kwok - Southern Illinois University

Amanda Larence - University of Texas

Curtis Lovelace - Stanford

Syd Lovelace - Florida State

Jennifer Lowe- University of Alabama

Alex Lundy - Grinnell College

Alan Maher - University of Texas

Allison Maher - Western Kentucky University

Amanda Maher - University of Alabama

Jacqueline Martin-Lacey - University of Texas

Ashley McIlvain - Marshall

Lindsay McIlvain - University of North Carolina

Matt McPherson - George Washington University

Taylor Melton - University of Kentucky

Karinne Miller - University of Florida

Andrew Mitchell - Auburn

Cooper Moore - Duke

Chas Morton - Stanford

Jack Murfee - University of Virginia

Daniel Musselwhite - University of Evansville

Meghan Nebera - Texas A&M

Nick Nevid - University of Texas

Joan Pennington - University of Texas

Sarah Peterson - University of Florida

Eleanor Phillips - University of San Diego

Macie Phillips - University of Texas

Alex Pierce - Michigan State

Lexi Piranian - Eastern Michigan University

LIbby Pruden - Auburn

Ashley Ramsden - Columbia

Tate Ramsden - Dartmouth

Kaitlin Ray - Duke

Caroline Reeves - University of Tennessee

Hannah Runyon-Hass - University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC)

Claire Sanders - University of Texas

Grace Anne Sanderson - University of Tennessee

Joey Schneider - Auburn

Cole Schott - Washington and Lee University

Sara Shapiro - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Jordan Slaughter - Arizona

Sam Sloan - United States Air Force Academy

Jeremy Senn - Virginia Military Institute

Rebecca Senn - James Madison University

Nathan Stinson - United States Naval Academy

Dave Swenson - University of Texas

Shannon VanCuren - University of Wisconsin

Samantha Vanderbilt - University of Florida

William Varley - Western Kentucky University

Madison Wenzler - University of Texas

Jackson Wilcox - University of Texas

Stephanie Wild - Gardner-Webb University

Samantha Williams - Brown University

Kate Wiseman - Swarthmore

Sydney Witzky - University of Kentucky




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