I Joined. Now What?


I joined the OSC WAVES...


*Order your equipment bag ASAP.

1. Go to

2. Look under Training Groups, then Required Equipment.

3. Click on All-American Portal and order items listed for your group.

*Sign up for Rained Out! Free text alerts. Vital to our communication!

1. Click on Links.

2. Click on Rained Out.

3. Search for Ooltewah Swim Club.

4. Enter cell phone# and/or email address. Agree to terms of service.

5. Receive validation code.

6. Enter validation code and you are done.

*Like the Ooltewah Swim Club Facebook page.

*Make sure your account at is open and active you should receive an email soon with log in instructions.

*Download the OnDeck Parent app for your smart phone. You wait for the picture to scroll on the website and click on it. It’s free! (Code: seosc)

*VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you declare for meets online at You will be able to say yes/no on attending and pick events. Coaches reserve the right to change events in a swimmer’s program.

*Sign up for your account, Deck Pass.

1. Very cool incentives.

2. Swimmers earn digital patches.

There is also an app associated with this account. Deck Pass is free. Deck Pass Plus is $5.00. Meet Mobile is another good, free app that you will use often at swim meets.

*Get ear drops and use them every day.

*VERY IMPORTANT: Check website and email often for updates, news items and meet information.

*Come to practice *Listen to your coach *Have a positive attitude *Work hard *Have a little goal, that only you, know about and try to accomplish it every day *HAVE FUN!!