Senior Program

Senior Program

All Groups will be at Allan Jones Aquatic Center and/or the Student Aquatic Center.

Senior Program coaches are: Larry Hough, Ben Whiteside, Chris Martin, Chris Franklin, and Michael Hamann.
For More information about the Senior Program please contact Larry Hough, lhough@tnaquatics.com


Senior 1/National Group: Contact Larry Hough                             

The practice schedule can be found here.

The Senior 1 group is designed for High school aged swimmers who have the skill and work ethic to make an impact on the national level.  This group represents the highest level of training and commitment in the TNAQ program.  Swimmers will develop all aspects of competitive swimming as they prepare for high level USA competitions and college careers. To be considered for this group the athletes must achieve all of the following:

  • 100 % expected, 88% attendance (8 out of 9 each week) to attend away meets
  • Achieved 2 Senior Sectional cuts in 2 different strokes, excluding the 50 Free
  • Successful Completion of three test Sets
    • 16 x 100 Free Girls 1:15 (1:25 LCM), BOYS 1:10 (1:20 LCM)
    • 8 x 200 IM  Girls 2:55 (3:10 LCM), Boys 2:45 (3 Min LCM)
    • 12 x 100 Kick    1:40 (1:50 LCM)

From the Senior 1 group will be chosen a National Group.  This group will be selected by the Head Coach.  The expectations on this group will be very high and only those athletes/families who make swimming a top priority will be considered. 

Senior 2:  Contact Larry Hough                     

The practice schedule can be found here.

This group is designed for High school aged swimmers who have a goal to make the top Senior level.  Swimmers will continue to work on their skills and technique as well as train toward either the National group or college swimming.  Athletes in this group are expected to maintain or achieve the following:

  • 72% attendance (13 out of 18 over 2 weeks) to attend away meets.
  • Two 15-16 AA Time Standards, must be in 2 different strokes, excluding 50 Free
  • Successful Completion in two of three test sets:
    • 15 x 100 Free Girls 1:20 (1:30 LCM), BOYS 1:15 (1:25 LCM)
    • 8 x 200 IM  Girls 3:05 (3:20 LCM), Boys 2:55 (3:10 LCM)
    • 10 x 100 Kick 1:45 (1:55 LCM)

Senior 3: Contact Ben Whiteside                        

The practice schedule can be found here.

This group is designed for High School aged swimmers who are transitioning from the Gray program into the Senior program or for those who are continuing toward their goal of Senior 2 or college swimming.  There is also a path designed for high school swimmers who are new to year round swimming.

Athletes are expected to maintain the following to attend away meets, there is no requirement for Home meets:

  • 67% attendance (6 out of 9 each week)