Orange Program

All practice groups at Student Aquatic Center

If you have questions about the Orange Program please contact Lizzie Fleming lfleming@tnaquatics.com.  The Orange practice schedule can be found here.

Orange 1: Coach Lizzie Fleming                                              

Orange 1 will be limited to 9- and 10-year-old swimmers who have achieved an IMX score of 500 or greater. Here is a link to the USA Swimming site and an explanation of the IMX and IMR Programs.  CLICK HERE

Orange 2: Coach Chris Goodman                                
Orange 2 has the option of choosing 2 practices a week (M/W or T/TH) or 5 days

Orange 2 will be all 9-10 year olds who are working on skills and mastering all four strokes.

Orange 3: Coach Bennett Monroe
Orange 3 has the option of choosing 2 a week (M/W or T/TH) or 5 days   

Orange 3 will be all 8-and-unders who have yet to master the four strokes and are just beginning in the sport.