Murfreesboro Pool

Murfreesboro Fees

Annual Fees
The annual fee covers team registration, swimmer registration and some initial costs pertaining to equipment, travel, lodging and training.

$156.00 - All Swimmers
$126.00 - Subsequent children in a family.
$140.00 - For a Transfer Swimmer

Monthly Fees
In addition to the annual fee and to disperse the cost throughout the year, there is a $30.00 per month per child fee. This fee is charged if a swimmer attends any practices or attends a meet during the month. (As an example if a swimmer is practicing with their high school but attends a USA meet, they will be charged the monthly fee.) If a swimmer comes to every practice, the total yearly fee equates to about $1.50 per hour per child.

Murfreesboro Practice Times (Be sure to check the calendar since it will reflect any changes.)

During High School Season (Sept - Feb)
Gold – 4:45 pm until 6:40 pm - M-F

Silver and Bronze – 5:05 pm until 6:40 pm - M-F

Non-High School Season
Gold - 4:30 pm until 6:30 pm - M-F
Silver and Bronze - 5:00 pm until 6:30 pm - M-F