Silver Group


**2020 COVID-19 Practice Schedule

McCallie Site GPS Site
Tuesday & Thursday Monday & Wednesday
6:15-7:15pm 6:15-7:15pm



  1. MASKS - Masks are required for all swimmers and coaches. Swimmers are expected and required to wear them when they arrive to practice, and take them off only when it's time to swim. 

  2. TEMPERATURES - Coaches will take the temperature of each swimmer before each practice. 

  3. PAPERWORK - Each swimmer just bring the completed form for each practice. The form must be signed and initialed by a parent or guardian.

  4. NO PARENTS - Parents/Guardians are not allowed in the buildings. 

  5. ARRIVAL - Swimmers must arrive to practice 10-15 minutes early. The coaches will go inside FIVE (5) minutes before the start of practice. If you are late, the swimmer CANNOT enter the building, and will miss practice. 

  6. LOCKER ROOMS - Locker rooms are off-limits and not to be used by any swimmers. Bathrooms are only available for emergencies only. Your swimmer should arrive to practice with their suit already on. 



Group Description

Silver Group at McCallie/GPS Aquatics refines and builds upon the fundamentals introduced in the Gray Group group, while introducing more advanced drills, endurance swimming, and efficiency in techniques. Basic drylands will be introduced to increase coordination and balance. 

Swimmers in Silver Group will compete in all meets hosted by McCallie/GPS Aquatics, as well as any local meets. They will also have the opportunity to attend specific out of town meets. 


Silver Group Awards
• 2019 CASL 8 & Under Boys High Point: Noah Blake

• 2018-2019 Southeastern Championships qualifiers: Brock Taylor, Noah Holliman, Ethan Runkle

• 2019 8 & Under Boys Region Champions

General Questions:
• What is the minimum requirement to be in Silver Group?
Swimmers must be legal in all four competitive strokes.

When is Silver Group practice?

             Short Course - yards (August - May)  
         Monday - Thursday 6:00 - 7:15pm
  Saturday 10:00 - 11:30am
  Long Course - meters (June - July)  
  Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 9:15am
  Tuesday - Wednesday 5:30 - 6:45pm

Who are the Silver Group coaches?

Katie Jacobs

McCallie Pool

[email protected]

Kendall Jacobs Southerland

McCallie Pool

[email protected]

• What are the monthly dues for Silver Group?
Dues are $95 per month. 

What equipment do the swimmers need?
Swimmers in Silver Group will need a competitive practice suit, googles and cap. Other needs are fins and kickboard (which can be kept in a mesh bag.)

• How long is the season?
Short Course season is September - May
Long Course season is June- July