Senior Group


Group Description

Senior Group is the championship level of the McCallie/GPS Aquatics program, where standards are set to maximize the potential of the athletes in this group. The highest level of competition is prepared for through the continued refinement of technique and strenuous levels of training in and out of the water. Goals for the swimmers in this group include qualifying for and participating in Southeasterns, Zone Championships, Sectionals, Junior Nationals and Olympic Trials.       


Senior Group Awards

• 2016 TN State Champion 100 Backstroke: Susanna LaRochelle 
• 2016 NCSA Jr National Team: Susanna LaRochelle, JonPat Ransom, Jake Marcum, Luke Massey,
                                                   Gabriel Johnson, Pierece Lively, Max Ransom, William Via, Will Bootle

​• 2016 SE Short Course Zone Team Members: Susanna LaRochelle, JonPat Ransom

• 2015 SE 13-14 Boys 200 Back Champion: Jake Marcum
​• 2015 SE Zone Open Water Team Member: Jake Marcum

• 2015 NCSA Jr. National Team Members: April Forsthoffer, Susanna LaRochelle, Jake Marcum,                                                                                 JonPat Ransom

• 2014 CASL Senior Girls High Point: Susanna LaRochelle
• 2014
CASL Senior Girls High Point Runner-Up: Kristen Myers
• 2014
 CASL 13-14 Girls High Point: Gwennie Davis
• 2014 CASL
 13-14 Girls High Point Runner-Up: Jilli Cantrell
• 2014 CASL
13-14 Boys High Point: Peter Dyr
• 2014 CASL
13-14 Boys High Point Runner-Up: Gabriel Johnson
• 2014 CASL
11-12 Girls High Point: Grayson Payne


• Nationally Ranked by USA Swimming, 14yr Boys 200 Backstroke, 4th: Jake Marcum (2015)
• Nationally Ranked by USA Swimming, 11-12 Girls 50m Back, #1: Grayson Payne (2014)
• Nationally Ranked by USA Swimming, 13-14 Boys 400 Medley Relay, #2:
       Peter Dyr, Gabriel Johnson, Jake Marcum, Luke Massey (2014)
• Nationally Ranked by USA Swimming, 13-14 Boys 400 Free Relay, #19:
       Ethan Bevill, Peter Dyr, Gabriel Johnson, Jake Marcum (2014)




General Questions:

• What is the minimum requirement to be in Senior Group?
Swimmers must be at least 12 years of age AND by invitation of the Head Coach.

• When is Senior Group practice?
 Practices are:

Mornings 6:30-8:00 a.m. at GPS
Afternoons 4:45-7:15 p.m. at GPS
Saturdays 8:00-11:00 a.m. at McCallie

 *Group will practice at McCallie after February 16th - 4:00-6:30pm


• Who are the Senior Group coaches?

Roger Dahlke
​Senior Head Coach

GPS Pool


Stan Corcoran
Senior Asst. Head Coach

McCallie Pool


• What are the monthly dues for Senior Group?
Dues are $125 per month. 

 What equipment do the swimmers need?
Swimmers in Senior Group will need in their mesh bag: fins, kickboard, pull buoy, paddles, band, and snorkle.

• How long is the season?
Short Course season is September - March
Long Course season is April - July