Competitive swimming offers an exciting and valuable experience in a young person’s life.  These experiences can be enjoyed by those of moderate ability as well as those with Olympic potential.  The value of swimming goes beyond just learning skills in the water and racing.  Every participant can gain knowledge, skill, and confidence from his or her experiences.  

McCallie/GPS Aquatics pursues excellence in competitive swimming by seeking to maximize the potential of each individual.  We provide a challenging and stimulating team atmosphere where everyone can benefit.  Our swimmers develop skills in setting goals while enjoying the thrill of achieving personal and team victories. Qualities such as loyalty, honesty, fair play, integrity, perseverance, and self discipline are also stressed.
Most importantly, we have fun! 

We feel that our lower coach to swimmer ratio, the high level of training, and the experience of our staff makes swimming for McCallie/GPS Aquatics the best thing for our swimmers. 


McCallie/GPS Aquatics swimmers participate in USA swimming sanctioned meets at the local, regional, and national level.  Meets are selected that have appropriate standards allowing all of our swimmers, from novice to national champion, to compete at their own skill level. Careful planning insures competition that is enjoyable and challenging.  Coaches will advise swimmers regarding which events to enter in each meet.  Younger swimmers are encouraged to enter all strokes and distances in order to give them a broad range of experiences. 


McCallie/GPS Aquatics is a year-round USA Swimming team, with practices each week day throughout the year, expect for holidays and special events. Our program is divided into two (2) seasons, with a championships meet at the end of each:


        Short Course Season


        We practice and compete in a 25-yard format during this season.

        Long Course Season


        During this season, we will be focusing on swimming 50 meters in our competitions. 
        The Olympics are held in the 50 meter format.