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Helpful Questions and Answers

Helpful Questions and Answers

-What do they need? A swimsuit and goggles (you can get them from target)

-Do our children need to know how to swim? Yes, they have to be able to swim the length of our small pool. If they can not swim the length of the pool. They will need to have swim lessons until they are ready for the swim team.

-How many times a week do we need to come to the practice? At least 3 times a week

-Do we have to go to the swim meets? No, you do not, but the children have so much fun.

-Do you have to have a team swimsuit? Yes, if they are going to compete in the swim meets

-What are swim meets? It is where other swim teams meet up and compete with each other.

-What do we need to bring to the swim meets? Bring your chairs, snacks, drinks, extras towels,  suntan lotion, sharpies to write their events on their arm.

-What are events? The distance and stroke for example 25 (1 Lap) Free, 50 (2 Laps) Back and 100IM ( 4 Laps- Fly, Back, Breast, Free)

-How do you know what they are swimming at the meet? You will go to the website and check to attend or decline, and then Coach Rich will put swimmer into their events. When you hit attend, you can also put a note if the kids do or don't want to swim a particular event or stroke. When you get to the swim meet, they will have heat sheets.  Which tells you which event and heat your child will be swimming.

-What time do we need to be at the meets? All swim meets have a warm-up time and a competition time. All swimmers have t warm-up. For example, our first meet is at Gulf Shores and our warm-up time is at 5:30 pm, and the meet starts at 6:00 pm. All kids going to the meet have to ready to get in the pool by 5:30 pm.

-What is the meet schedule? The meet schedule is on the website under ES Piranhas

-Where do my swimmers go to get ready before the race? Swimmers need to check in with the Coach and then go straight to their lane or clerk a course.

-What is a Relay? A Relay has 4 swimmers, swimming one person at a time, swimming their specified stroke and distance.

-How do I know if my swimmer is in a Relay? Ask the meet Coach. (Sometimes we do not know until the end of the swim meet if they are in a relay or not, because we have swimmers showing up late or last-minute sign-ups.)

-How many swim meets do you have to go to? Your children have to compete in 2 swim meets to qualify for City Meet.

-What is City Meet? It is the last big swim meet of the season, and some swimmers will receive trophies or medals.

-What is Junior Champs? This meet is for the inexperienced swimmers.

-What is a clerk of course? It is a designated person that will help the swimmers line up in the proper lane.



If you have any more questions, please ask one of the coaches.

The coaches are not responsible for getting your swimmer where he/she needs to be.