Wake 4

WAKE 4 GROUP LEVELS 2 and 1 (Ages 10 - 12)

Pre-requisites: Must be able to complete all requirements of Wake Foundations or advance from Wake 5 Groups

The focus of this group is to refine and continue to develop the swimmer's skills.  Conditioning and endurance  training are also introduced.  Swimmers will be offered four to six workouts per week depending on skill level, age and level of commitment.  Swimmers will generally participate in Wake hosted and other local meets and may choose to participate in one or two travel meets. As with Wake Foundations, Wake 5 and Wake 3, swimmers' other activities such as soccer, baseball, dance and track are encouraged.  Advancement to the next level will be to either the next level of Wake 4 or Wake 3.

Level 2 - Swimmers will be offered four sessions per week up to two hours per session
Level 1 - Swimmers will be offered six sessions per week up to two hours per session

Location: Birmingham Crossplex
Samford University

Alternate Saturday/Holiday Location: Samford University
Time: TBD