2021 AG Zones Team/Criteria

2021 Age Group Zones Team

2021 Zones Team:

11-12 Girls                                                                      11-12 Boys

Hannah Carpenter                                                                                   Ethan Bowman

Abigail Chan                                                                                            Jackson Brodoski

Anna Bennett Curtis                                                                                 Landon Hall                                                                         

Avery Domitrovich                                                                                     Drew Hilsmier

Libby Helmer                                                                                             Will King

Mina Sanford                                                                                             Juan Pupo-Buch                                                                                         

Mac Spurrier                                                                                              Blair Wootson

Peyton Williams                                                                                         Edison Yang


13-14 Girls                                                                                            13-14 Boys

Taylor Clements                                                                                         David Bauer

Trevi Ferranti                                                                                              Luke Bedsole

Abrianna Jacobi                                                                                          Coleman Kimmel

Lilly Robertson                                                                                           Nathan Lumsdaine

Lucy Trailov                                                                                                Sam Martin

Connie Wang                                                                                             Ian Malone

Danica Wight                                                                                             Justin Roh

Lizzie Yon                                                                                                  Mack Schumann


At the Fall 2018 Southeastern Swimming LSC Meetings, the following proposal was voted on and passed by the Coaches Committee regarding 15-18 athletes for the SES Zones Team:

T-4 Southeastern Swimming Shall No Longer Send 15-18 Athletes to Southern Zone All Star Meet

Proposal is to no longer send 15-18 athletes to the Southern Zone Age Group All Star Meet. We shall still fund and send full rosters of 11-12 and 13-14 athletes to this meet.  Additionally, this proposal would not prohibit disability athletes of any age attending this meet as their opportunities are more limited.


Swimmer Selection Process

The Southeastern Swimming Age Group Championship team is selected using times from the Southeastern Swimming Long Course Championships and the Summer Sectional Meet only. 


The team will be comprised of the following number of swimmers per age group: 

11-12 Year Olds: 8 Girls and 8 Boys 

13-14 Year Olds: 8 Girls and 8 Boys 


The top 6 spots for 11-12 and 13-14 Age Groups are picked using a point value system. The point value for the 14 and under events will be based on the Age Group Power Point System, calculated by Hy-Tek Meet Manager. Any athlete who achieves a USA Swimming Summer Junior National Championship time standards will not be eligible to attend the Zone Championship Meet. Using a swimmer best three (3) swims, a point total is summated. *Note for athletes, coaches, and parents - the following events do not count towards point totals as they are not events in the zone meet: 11-12 800-meter Freestyle, 13 & Over Girls 1500-meter Freestyle, and 13 & Over Boys 800-meter Freestyle. 


Example: A 13-14 girl swims 28.13 in the 50 free, 1:01.36 in the 100 free, and 2:13.01 in the 200 free. 28.13 is worth 110 points, 1:01.36 is worth 108 points, and 2:13.01 is worth 107 points. Her three-event total would be 325 points. (These numbers are only an example; they are not a representation of the points earned for achieving the times). 


If one or more of the following events is not represented by the top 6 zone qualifiers in the 11-12 and 13-14 age groups, the swimmer with the fastest time in the listed zone priority events will be selected for the remaining team spots (remember that there are eight total spots in each gender of each age group). Representing an event means having the fastest time for that event from Southeasterns or Sectionals; this includes times from prelims, swim-offs, or finals, but does not include a time from a time trial swim.

11-12 age group: 50 freestyle, 50 backstroke, 50 breaststroke, 50 butterfly 

13-14 age group: 50 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 100 breaststroke, 100 butterfly 


For 2021, the 13-14 50 Back, 50 Breast, 50 Fly  shall not be considered for any qualification purposes in determining the 2021 Southeastern Swimming Age Group Zone All Star Team.


If there are more swimmers qualified than spots available, the zone point value of the qualifying swim will determine the swimmer that is awarded the spot. If there is still a spot remaining and all priority events are represented, the zone point value of the single best swim will determine the remaining spot. Any ties will be broken by the point value of the next fastest swim. 


*** The SES Zone All-Star Team will be announced Monday following the Sunday evening finals session at Long Course Southeastern Championships. The team will be announced via the Southeastern Swimming web-site (Southeastern Swimming). There will not be a team meeting following the team announcement. Instead, families will receive an e-mail notification of the swimmers selection and any pertinent team information. ***

*Please e-mail SES Age Group Chair with any questions: [email protected]


Disability Swimmer Selection Process

Disability swimming competitors who apply for inclusion onto the Southeastern Swimming Zone Team must have each of the following criteria: 

A. Applicants must be able to be classified into one of the fifteen internationally recognized disability classifications. 

B. Applicants must be a registered member of Southeastern Swimming, Inc. for the year of the competition. 

C. Applicants must have competed in at least one (1) of the following meets within one (1) calendar year from the start of the competition: Southeastern Swimming Short Course Championships, Southeastern Swimming Long Course Championships, Southeastern Swimming District Meet (any region), or any USP Championship.

D. Applicants must complete and return all necessary paperwork and fees to Southeastern Swimming before the stated deadline to be considered for inclusion onto the Southeastern Zone Team. 

E. Applicants must be aged eleven (11) years and not have reached their eighteenth (18) birthday on or before the first day of the Zone Meet to be eligible for selection 


For the 2021 Southeastern Swimming Zone Team, no more than three (3) boys and three (3) girls shall be selected onto the team. These swimmers may represent any of the following age groups: 11-12, 13-14, or 15-18. In subsequent years, Southeastern Swimming, Inc. shall set the number of available spaces for Disability swimmers each year at LSC Meetings. 


In the case of more applicants than available roster spaces, applicants shall be selected for inclusion onto the team by the following criteria: the selection shall be made using the same point value system as does the rest of the Southeastern Swimming Zone Team. Using up to, but not exceeding a swimmer’s best three (3) zone chart point scoring swims, a total is summated. The highest sum total shall be selected for inclusion onto the Southeastern Swimming Zone Team.


  • Since Short Course Meets are used in the criteria for Disability swimmers, a second point chart shall be created for Short Course Yards. This chart shall be based on the same formula used for Long Course meters and will use the same base standards for point totals (i.e. 14 & Under HyTek Power Points, and August Junior National Championship Cuts). 
  • Swimmer’s times shall be used in the age group chart for their age on the first day of the Zone Meet. For example, if a swimmer is 12 at Regions, but will be 13 at the zone meet, that swimmer’s times from Regions shall be used against the 13 & Over point chart. 
  • Please note that the following events do not count towards point totals as they are not events in the zone meet: 11-12 1000 yard/800-meter Freestyle, 13 & Over Girls 1650 yard/1500-meter Freestyle, and 13 & Over Boys 1000 yard/800-meter Freestyle. 
  • Any ties shall be broken by the highest point value of the swimmer’s single best scoring event.