Mission Statement

Manta Ray Aquatics Mission Statement


The Manta Ray Aquatics are trained coaches that develop and motivate swimmers of all ages and levels. 

  • We support the sport of competitive swimming. 
  • We encourage personal accountability, initiate goal setting and support self-discipline. 
  • We are first and foremost student athletes and encourage education first.
  • We encourage family participation, and will only hire well qualified coaches. 
  • Our team provides an enjoyable environment to build sportsmanship, character skills and friendships for life.  
  • We work with the swimmers to help them with courage, confidence, commitment, determination, be responsible and work as a team. 
  • We believe the individual swimmer's hard work pays off and helps them achieve their goals. We tell the swimmers that hard work gets results, wishing for results does not work.  
  • We believe working on proper techniques helps build a successful swimmer. 
  • We know everyone won’t be the fastest swimmer but we train them to be mentally tough and try hard, but most of all have fun and build friendships.  
  • We believe in team building activities to make it fun and memorable.
  • We support high school swimming, we want to work with the swimmers club coach and do what’s best for the individual high school swimmer.