Meet Guide

What to Bring to a Meet  

2 towels

Team approved suit, team cap, goggles

Cash to buy heat sheets, snacks, drinks, etc.

Snacks and water


Warm clothing (even during the summer!)

Folding chairs, games, books

Getting to the Meet

Time it so that you arrive at least 30 minutes before warm-ups begin so that you have time to check in and meet with the coach.

Relay Teams

The coaching staff will select the swimmers for each relay conducted at any meet with relays.  In selecting the relay teams, coaches will consider all available information, including:

  • Each swimmer's individual performance
  • Past relay performances
  • Personal best performances
  • Event schedules
  • Individual workload
  • Training preparation
  • Team chemistry

Selection of swimmers for relay teams shall not be subject to discussion with the coaches.