MRA Fees

One of the benefits of joining our swim team is the flexibility we offer.  You have the choice of 2, 3, 4, or 5-6 days per week and which weekday you would like to attend.  Our coaches believe that swimmers greatly benefit from 4 or more practices per week.  The weekdays you attend can also vary from week to week.  Please ask the coaches for a full explanation of our schedule and attendance policy.

Monthly Dues

2 days/week = $70 per month

3 days/week = $80 per month

4 days/week = $90 per month

5-6 days/week = $100 per month 

Multi-Swimmer Discount

MRA currently offers a multi-swimmer discount for families with multiple swimmers enrolled in the 4 or more days/per week program.  The first swimmer pays the full monthly fee.  The second swimmer in the family receives a $10 monthly discount.  The third swimmer receives a $20 monthly discount.  Ask Coach Cathy about families with 4 or swimmers.

Example: All swimmers are in the 4 days/week program:  

Swimmer 1: $90

Swimmer 2: $80

Swimmer 3: $70

Total: $240/month

Annual USA Swim Registration

In order to swim with Manta Ray Aquatics, each swimmer must become a member of USA Swimming.  New swimmers must become a member of USA Swimming within two weeks of joining the team or they will not be allowed to swim.  Returning swimmers must renew before the end of the year.  USA Swimming is the national governing body for the sport of swimming with 400,000 members that promotes the culture of swimming by creating opportunities for swimmers of all backgrounds.  Membership is compromised of age group level swimmers, the Olympic Team, coaches and volunteers.  Every swimmer receives a subscription to Splash! Magazine and will be covered under USA Swimming's general liability insurance policy.  The membership cost for USA Swimming in 2018 is $68.00.  Please refer to the MRA Handbook for information on how to become a member of USA Swimming.  Swimmers will not be allowed to swim in meets until the USA Swimming registration is completed.

Meet Surcharge

The board has recently amended the team bylaws.  Instead of donations of food items for the snack bar, each family will be billed $10.00 for one swimmer or $15.00 for two or more swimmers, for each meet that is hosted by MRA.  This way one person will be in charge of purchasing for the meets.