Parent Info

This page will be a location for parenting in sports, swimming in particular. There will also be items related to volunteering opportunities. One volunteer position the team is always looking for due to the importance of this positions in operating meets and supplying obligated positions at meets is timers and officials.

Timers is a necessary position that every parent should be ready to fill when they attend a meet. Depending on how many swimmers the team has at a session, the team is assigned a certain number of chairs to time at during the meet/session. Timing is relatively easy and, if everyone pitches in, usually only requires a 45 - 60 minute commitment.

Officials is another position that any team can always use. There is an LSC requirement for teams to provide a certain number of officials depending on the team size. This is a larger commitment but has its own rewards. There is a cost associated with becoming an official but the host of  meet will usually feed you and provide complimentary water and sodas. Please ask your coach to talk to one of the team's officials to learn how to become one. You're there for the session and it is one of the best seats in the house (yes, I am an official).

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USA Swimming Education for Parents Page - There are a lot of good articles and tips for you and how to help your swimmer deal with swimming at a competitive level.