Meet Info

Swim Meet Information

Please arrive to the meet at least thirty minutes early so that there are no late or missing swimmers. It is imperative that the swimmers arrive early to check in and warm up. When preparing for the meet, it is recommended to bring extra towels, extra goggles, sunscreen, jackets/parkas/sweats to keep warm, and chairs. Also, if you have OSC gear, wear it! Let’s represent our team by wearing our gear! It would be especially appreciated if everyone wore their OSC swim caps, as it helps our swimmers stand out from the other teams.

For each meet, we are assigned a designated time to warm up. Swimmers must be ready to get in by that time. Warm up usually lasts about half an hour and will include some time to practice dives. After warm up, coach will talk to the swimmers and remind them of the expectations for the day.

Expectations for the swimmers:

Swimmers are responsible for knowing their events, heats, and lanes which are posted on the deck and on the app MeetMobile.

Swimmers are required to warm up and cool down before and after each event. It is better for many health reasons to get the heart rate up prior to competing and get lactic acid levels down afterwards.

Swimmers are also required to check-in and check-out with a coach before and after each event. Before each event, swimmers must warm up and then chat with coach for a few minutes before getting behind the blocks for their event. After their swim, they must chat with coach again on what they did well/what they could improve on for next time. They will then be dismissed and reminded to cool down. Swimmers ought to begin warming up approximately 2-3 events prior to their event, as some events progress quickly. If it turns out that they warmed up too early, then the swimmer should stay warm and stay active until their event starts (ex: stretching, jumping jacks, etc).

Swimmers should make sure not to eat too close to their events. In fact, swimmers should not eat much at all during meets (sticking to small snacks throughout the day would be safer). A hearty post-meet meal always tastes better anyway!

Swimmers should show good sportsmanship when competing. Swimmers should be kind and encouraging to others around them, like high fiving or shaking hands with swimmers in lanes next to them after competing.

Swimmers are encouraged to cheer on their fellow teammates! Parents and family members are notoriously good at cheering on their swimmer, but let’s not forget to cheer on the rest of the team as well!


At some meets, volunteers may be required to help with timing. If this should occur, parents/family members on deck will be informed and volunteer time will be split up evenly.

If our swimmers win medals/ribbons, coach will collect them after the end of the meet. They will be distributed to swimmers the following week at practice.