My First Practice

What Should I Expect at Practice for the First Time?

When to arrive?

  • Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early to meet the coaches and your fellow teammates!
What equipment is needed?
  • Appropriate swimsuits are preferred (one-piece for girls, jammers for boys). Please refrain from the following: trunks, two-piece suits, rash guards, or wetsuits. Popular brands include Speedo, TYR, Dolphin, and Sporti.
  • Goggles that do not cover the nose
  • Swim caps are encouraged, especially for swimmers with long hair. Free latex caps are available at the pool, silicone OSC caps are available for purchase $20. 
  • Fins are not required, but are HIGHLY recommended. They are inexpensive and guarantee that your swimmer will have a pair that fit.
  • Equipment is available at Swim West, located in Encinitas, and

Can parents stay to watch?*

  • We are awaiting guidelines from the facility regarding parents on deck during practice.

Anything else?

  • Be ready to work hard, have fun, and practice great attitude!