COVID19 Positive Test Reporting

COVID19 Positive Test Reporting with San Diego Imperial Swimming


OSC is thrilled that we have returned to the water. The coaches, board members, and facility managers are working diligently to keep you safe with social distancing measures, mask use, cleaning protocols, and health checks to minimize the spread of the virus within our community. We are grateful for your strict compliance to these measures and your communication to your coaches over your swimmer’s health.     


That being said, we realize the pandemic is still spreading and recognize that positive cases will unfortunately happen within the swimming community. The SI COVID recovery task force is expecting all coaches to follow these steps when a positive test occurs within 14 days of a swimmer or coach being present at any USA swim practice:   

  1. The positive test is reported to USA Swimming, the LSC operational risk chair and the LSC general chair.
  2. The stable swim group in which the positive test occurs does not return to practice for 14 days after the positive test is taken to ensure there is no risk of spread. 
  3. The  coach of the stable swim group will get a COVID19 test to ensure no transmission.  If sufficient social distance (greater than 10 feet at all times) combined with wearing of a face mask and county public health allowing, the coach may stay on deck while waiting on results.     
  4. The head coach of the team will be contacted at the end of the 14 day quarantine to understand if any further positive tests / illness occurred and if the impacted person is healthy.  


During this entire process, the name of the person with the positive test will NOT be reported. The team name will be not be released.     


Additionally, OSC expects that if a swimmer is in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID19 they should NOT return to practice for 14 days after the last contact with the person. 


We have these processes to ensure that swimming remains a safe activity throughout the pandemic and that any learnings can be shared across USA swimming to better protect all swimmers. We still have much to learn about COVID19 and it is critical we work together to protect our swimming community. 


Thank you in advance for all you are doing to support your swimmers and your participation and understanding during these difficult times.