Water Disk


The international, official SKWIM™ Disk measures 9”in diameter with a uniform convex chamber. 

Features include:

  • Resilient construction using a soft, buoyant, flexible foam
  • Durable and fade resistant even with exposure to pool chemicals and UV rays
  • Capable of gliding up to 100 feet across the water surface

This unique disk features an exclusive, dynamic design allowing the disk to skim fast, flat, and straight across the water.  Participants ages 5 and up may easily grasp, control, and pass the disk. Users quickly learn to perform rapid, accurate and high performance passes to friends, teammates or into the goal using a variety of forms including forehand, backhand, overhand, underhand, spin shots, reverse passes, lofts and floaters.

The SKWIM Disk is softer and safer than most sport balls with a built-in cushioning side rail. 

Used in both SKWIM Premier and SKWIM Ultra.