Pool Managers

10 Reasons to consider SKWIMTM at your Aquatic Center

  1. SKWIM is easy to learn.  Within a few minutes, a 5 year old can send the disk skimming across the pool.  The game adapts to almost any aquatic facility, and is a great attraction for families and friends.
  2. SKWIM is a safe game.  The disk is flexible, lightweight and soft with easy grip. Fins protect against kicking injuries.
  3. SKWIM is fast and entertaining.  The disk can slide the length of the pool, and, with a 360 degree goal, scoring can occur from anywhere.  In SKWIM, game skills blend with swim skills in each practice and game.
  4. SKWIM builds safer, stronger swimmers. SKWIM starts in shallow water - progressing to greater depths as players advance.
  5. SKWIM Certification tracks water-safety progression through lifesaving certification. The LifeRing provides an alternative aquatic level advancement program based on response, endurance, distance, and knowledge.  This helps participants become Water-Safe, Water-Smart and Water-Strong.
  6. SKWIM is a team sport training aquatic athletes. The top ten sports globally are all interactive, strategic games.  People migrate to sports that are easy-to-learn, social, and fun for the whole family. Increased pool patronage, leads to more qualified athletes for all aquatic sports, including SKWIM, swim, synchronized swimming and water polo teams, to draw from.
  7. SKWIM increases number of patrons in the water. Exclusive lap lanes can limit participation. SKWIM calls for multiple players in the water at once and encourages substitutions.  Furthermore, SKWIM boundaries may be adjusted to fit in the shallow water or occupy 3-8 lap lanes, depending on interest, allowing for maximum flexibility in pool programming. Also, SKWIM can fill the lag time most pools experience midday by attracting the retired population to an active, social game without stress on the joints.
  8. SKWIM equipment enhances other aquatic programs.  PDF fins (Positive Drive Fins) used in SKWIM give swimmers a 25% + advantage in endurance, speed, power and safety. Fins also aid in correct foot and leg alignment in all strokes during training, swim classes, or in deep water aerobics. SKWIM disks can serve as a novel tool in swim lessons, free swim activities, and aquatic therapy. 
  9. SKWIM grows business.  SKWIM players may purchase fins and goggles, as well as team headbands, uniforms and gear bags through their participating aquatic centers.
  10. SKWIM fills a market gap. SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) reports that the top "aspirational" activity for people today is learning to swim.  Nearly half of the US population needs to learn.  However, most do not know where to begin and/or are not interested in traditional teaching methods. SKWIM offers a fresh social approach to reach out to those in your community looking for aquatic alternatives.