Certification Levels


ISC (International SKWIM Certification) compliments most any SKWIM or swim lesson plan.  ISC makes it easy to track water safety proficiency for students of all ages.  ISC has three (3) qualifying standards of measure, known as the R.E.D. Standards, used in each of the 5 certification levels.

  • RESPONSE – pool/beach practicum and online safety response test at each of 5 Levels
  • ENDURANCE – a measured endurance standard in overhead water at each of 5 Levels
  • DISTANCE – a measured distance standard in overhead water at each of 5 Levels



   SKWIM ISC - has 5 Levels and the following requirements for qualification:

  • Level-1 R. = 22 of 25 questions;   E. =   5 minutes; D. = 100 meters
  • Level-2 R. = 45 of 50 questions;   E. = 10 minutes; D. = 250 meters
  • Level-3 R. = 67 of 75 questions;   E. = 20 minutes; D. = 500 meters
  • Level-4 R. = 90 of 100 questions; E. = 40 minutes; D. = 1 kilometer
  • Level-5 R. = Lifeguard Certified;   E. = 60 minutes; D.= 1.5 kilometer


SKWIM ISC - can be incorporated into most any pool and open-water practice or lesson!  The following 6 Chapters of SKWIM ISC Curriculum are introduced and studied at appropriate ISC levels:

SAFETY:                 Supervision, Lifeguard Duty, Buddy System, UVA, PFD’s, Safety/Rescue Gear

DYNAMICS:            Density, Buoyancy; Displacement, Resistance, Lift, Safety Strokes, Entry/Exit,

H2O-EFFECT:          COF, CG, Pressure, Depth, Visibility, Quality, Exposure, Ice, Hypothermia

CONDITIONS:         Beach, Lake, River, Eddies, Vortex, Currents, Tides, Wind, Swells, Surf, Storms

ENVIRONMENT:     Beach Topography, Jetty, Beach / Dock Safety, Water Craft, Marine Life Safety

TECH-RESPONSE:  911, Deck, Beach & Water Rescue Techniques and Gear, First Aid, CPR, AED