Marlins Partners

Pre-Senior - Coach - John Dalton

Ages: 12 - 15

Daily Training: 120 - 150 minutes, 6 times per week

Attendance: Expected to attend 5 times per week; 6 times is strongly encouraged for maximum benefit

Practice Times: Monday - Friday 5:30 - 8 PM; Saturday 6:30-8:00 AM

Goals: This group’s focus is on understanding and striving for mastery of technical swimming at an elite level.  The Pre Senior Group is comprised of athletes on track for elite level swimming in high school.  Standards are set for this group and are similar to the expectations of the Senior groups; performance, attendance, times, training, age, and maturity.  The training and competition focus of this group is Far Westerns Championships and the progression to Sectional/Junior National level championship meets. Technical proficiency is the primary emphasis, with training demands set to prepare the athlete to execute races at the highest technical levels.  Specifically, extensive focus will be given to educating the athletes of "how" elite level swimming is done, including splits, stroke counts, underwater execution, starts, turns, and finishes.  Additionally, athletes will learn and practice the basics of goal setting, nutrition, and mental skills training such as relaxation techniques and visualization.

Admittance Requirements: Athletes must demonstrate a proficiency of the requirements listed for graduation from Group 3, including Junior Olympic qualifying times (13 and over) or Far Western Qualifying Times (12 and over).  Coach discretion is the primary factor for admittance to this group, with an eye toward physical maturity necessary to cope with the physical strain of training at this level.

Dryland: A focus on building better athletes.  Includes running, body weight exercises (squats, pushups, planks), breathing exercises, postural awareness, medicine balls, core-work, jumping, complex movements, circuits, etc.

Equipment: equipment listed below must be purchased before the start of the season and must be brought to every practice. Check with the coaches for purchasing sources:

  • Marlins Cap
  • goggles
  • snorkel
  • nose clips
  • mesh equipment bag
  • water bottle
  • paddles (green strokemaker for smaller hands, yellow for larger (boys only))
  • pull buoy
  • Kickboard and fins
  • Tennis Balls (two)
  • Kick stick
  • shoes, shorts and shirt for dry land