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Senior 1

Senior 1 - Coach - Doug Reyes

Ages: 14-up (high school)

Daily Training: 135 - 250 minutes, 7-10 training sessions per week

Goals and Definition: The group is the most advanced training group for competitive training and competition.  It has strict qualifications based off of many factors including performance, attendance, time standards, training standards, age, and maturity.  This group focuses the training on National level meet performance. Focusing on maximizing aerobic base and develop anaerobic capabilities, fine tune technique and efficiency and speed, extensive goal setting, energy system training, mental training, time management, introduction to college swimming, academic excellence.

Equipment: The equipment listed below must be purchased before the start of the season and must be brought to every practice: One Finis freestyle snorkel or ylon snorkel, one mesh bag, two pair of hand paddles (size to be determined by coach and sprint paddles), kick-board, long and short fins and pull buoy. water bottle, and shoes, shorts, and shirt for dry land.

Dry-land: Varied functional exercises specifically on specialized Cross Fit programming with a certified CF trainer and including games, stretch cords, running, and introduction to strength training using various methods.  

Group Movement: Based on Coaches Approval - Generally swimmers group movement is at the beginning of the season (Aug/Sept).               

Admittance/Commitment Requirements:

  1. 90% attendance in pre-senior/ Senior 2 group for previous 4 months.
  2. Attends one a.m. practice per week for 8 weeks prior to promotion.
  3. Signs senior contract with parent.
  4. Desire to work hard and commit to the demands of senior training and competition.
  5. Subject to coach’s approval.

Performance Requirements:

  1. Must be able to swim 5x100 free on 1:05,
  2. 5x100 I.M. on 1:10
  3. 8x50 kick @ 45
  4. 4 Senior Sectionals times (6 WZ SR time standards min)
  5. Must maintain attendance of 90% minimum.