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Committee and Job Descriptions


Responsible for communication during the meet.  The meet announcer needs to communicate clearly and concisely the heat information, awards status, and any other announcements necessary during the meet.  This position will start 1 hour before start of meet (announcing snackbar, reminders about checking closing for first 4 events)

Awards Committee – Karey Carver

  • Awards Coordinator – Orders awards prior to the meet, prepares awards during meet and distributes to swimmers or coaches at the end of the meet.  Coordinates award volunteers during the meet.
  • Awards – Volunteers during the meet will man the awards table and label awards as swimmers/parents request them. This will include A medals as well. These shifts will mainly be during the 12&Under sessions since we do not award medals to 13&Over swimmers.

Colorado Committee – Miguel Corvacho & Eric Didricksen

  • Colorado Operation Committee Chair – Responsible for the testing and validation of the equipment prior to each swim meet session.  Responsible for staffing the Colorado system during the entire meet and that all staff knows role and responsibilities for this job.
  • Colorado Operation – Works the Colorado computer system that records the results of each heat and event.  Once on this committee training will be provided.
  • Colorado Wiring – This is a great job for someone that understands cables and wiring and how to do on the fly wire repairs.

Hospitality Committee – Jen Rodenberg

  • Hospitality Committee Chair(s) – The hospitality committee chair works with the meet director and head coach to determine the budget and the amount of food needed for the volunteer workers at the swim meet. They are responsible for providing dinner on Friday, lunch on Saturday/Sunday, as well as various snacks throughout the meet for the volunteers. The committee chair is also responsible for staffing the hospitality room with volunteers who know the role and responsibilities for this job.
  • Hospitality – Food and drinks are provided for coaches, officials and timers at the meets. Volunteers in this role perform various duties ranging from getting the snacks ready, to serving these meals and snacks to the coaches, timers, officials, and volunteers working at the meet.

Officials Committee – Ivan Herrera & Ricardo Allen

  • Officiating – Officials (Stroke and Turn, Starters, Referees) are needed at all Sierra Nevada Swim Meets and depending on entries, each team will have a requirement to provide a given number officials so that their swimmers can receive their awards. As the hosting team during a meet, our officials will be ask to participate in as many session as possible.
    • For More Information on how to become an Official, please go here.
  • Safety Marshals – Marshals are required to monitor and police the pool and facility to insure safety and compliance with both City and USA Swimming regulations. Warm-ups cannot commence unless Marshalls are in place to insure safety for swimmers and venue guests.
    • For more details on what this job requires, please review this document. Being a non-athlete member of USA Swimming is a great addition to being assigned this job.

Meet Director

  • This position is required by USA Swimming for every meet held.  The main responsibilities include, but are not limited to: obtaining a meet sanction, preparing and distributing meet announcements, organizing meet committees and distributing final results. The director is an overseer, avoiding direct involvement in any one committee or activity.  This person needs to be registered with Sierra Nevada Swimming either as an athlete, official or non- athlete and have completed the required USA Swimming background checks.  Additionally, this role needs to work jointly with the head coach, the coaching staff, parent committee chairs, facility staff and management, and SMST board members to insure that all financial and team required elements are in place for the swim meet.

Meet Runners Committee – Kristen Maroon        

  • Runner Committee Chair- This individual is responsible for staffing runners at the meet and insuring that all staff know the role and responsibilities for this job.
  • Runners - There are two types of runners. One is responsible for obtaining the timed results from the individual lanes and giving them to the Hy-Tek computer operator.  The second runner takes event heat sheets from the Hy-Tek computer person to the posting board. Duties include distributing all swimmer lane assignments to the starter, officials, coaches, announcer, and distributing results to announcer, awards desk. Runners also post final results.

Setup/Takedown Committee – Jayesh Lanjewar

  • Setup / Breakdown Committee Chair – Responsible for set-up and breakdown coordination. Responsible that all staff knows role and responsibilities for this job.
  • Set up/Breakdown – This committee is responsible for setting up the facility, and tearing it down after the meet.  This job includes setting up tables and chairs for the meet, setting up the wires for the timing system, and other basic duties needed to get the facility ready for the meet.  Must have a truck or access to a truck to be on this committee for transporting equipment from the storage facility to the pool deck.

Snack Bar Committee – Kevin Peterson and Samantha & Frank Studebaker

  • Snack Bar/Concessions Committee Chair - This committee chair is responsible for running the snack bar. They are responsible for the menu, the staffing of the meet, and coordinating the snack bar. Ensure that all staff working in the snack bar knows the role and responsibilities for this job.
  • Snack Bar/Concessions workers – Snack bar staff sell food and drink to patrons attending the meet. Work involves purchasing items, food preparation, restocking food supplies, clean up and selling of food items.
  • Pancake Breakfast/Grill - This job requires someone to coordinate and purchase breakfast supplies to cook for the team during different team events. Requires cooking and setting up the grill.

Swimmer Check-In Committee – Lily Chu & Lorretta Sellers

  • Check in Committee Chair – Coordinates the check in process and staffs the volunteers needed during the meet. Responsible for making sure that all check in staff knows role and responsibilities for this job.
  • Check-In/Scratch Table – Responsible for checking-in swimmers for the events they are entered for the meet, and scratching them from those they do not plan to swim.  Communication with the Clerk of the Course to close events for check in approximately 30 minutes before the event is to begin.

Timer Committee – Jeff Kukral

  • Head Timer Committee Chair - This committee chair is responsible for coordinating timing lane assignments for each session and/or meet as reflected by visiting team entries (supplied by the meet director). Responsible for staffing the head timer position at each session and that all staff knows role and responsibilities for this job.
  • Head Timer – The head timer works with the meet’s head starter to insure that all timing requirements are met. Serves as a back-up timer for lane timers in the event a back-up time is necessary.

Volunteer Committee – OPEN

  • Volunteer Coordinator(s) – The Parent Commitment Coordinator attends monthly board meetings and helps to disseminate information and helps coordinate the scheduling of volunteers for meets. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to coordinating all volunteers (primarily working with the committee chairs) ensuring coverage for all jobs for the duration of the meet.
  • Volunteer Checkin – Checking all volunteers and answer questions during that time, help find replacements if volunteers do not show up for their shift.