Marlins Partners
Billing Information

This section provides details about the financial commitment families make to the team. Being part of SMST requires payment of monthly dues and annual registration fees swim meet participation costs, and annual fundraising commitment. We also have an annual parent commitment time requirement, which may result in additional fees for any un-met hours. All financial information is available at  Swimmers and their families must be “members in “good standing” in order to attend practices, meets, and other SMST events. Members in good standing have paid all registration fees, adhere to stated team obligations (dues payment, fundraising, and parent commitment hours), and conform to stated codes of conduct.

The following financial obligations may be changed by vote of the SMST board once each year.

Registration fees

New swimmers pay a (non-refundable) deposit per swimmer.  For each new swimmer, there is a one time $235.00 registration fee.  The fee includes a Sierra Marlins-embroidered Speedo swim suit, a Sierra Marlins Speedo team warm-up jacket and pants and a team cap.  Registration fees must be paid when joining. 

USA Swimming Registration

If you are a NEW USA swimmer or have an EXPIRED USA registration card, please register your swimmer. Necessary USA Swimmer registration of is obtained through the Sierra Nevada Swimming swim committee website--the link is below. If you have never registered, you will click the "new user" button. (The Marlin team code is SMST)

Annual Dues

Families pay their annual dues on a trimester basis over a 12 month period (Sept, Jan, May). Members leaving SMST during the season must notify the coach and the team treasurer at least 30 days prior to the date of departure. There will be no refund for swimmers who choose to leave prior to the end of a trimester billing.

Annual dues for are:


GROUP1 $420.00 $1,260.00
GROUP2 $640.00 $1,920.00
GROUP3 $680.00 $2,040.00
PRE-SENIOR $740.00 $2,220.00
VARSITY $740.00 $2,220.00
SENIOR $920.00 $2,760.00

Master                                   $55/month

College Away                         $300/year

Billing Policy

Members who are delinquent (60 days or more) in paying team dues will be suspended from practice and/or meet participation until the account is brought current.


All new and existing members will be required to pay by credit card.  To sign-up for auto bill pay please visit the team website (  Fees are due to be received on the first of each trimester month (Sept, Jan, May) regardless of whether or not an invoice has been received. If dues have not been received, a late fee of $25 will be charged. After 60 days past due, swimmers will not be allowed to participate until fees are current.