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Vision & Mission

Sierra Marlins Mission and Vision


Create a safe environment that challenges, motivates and guides our swimmers towards reaching  their goals and maximum potential through a strong work ethic, dedication, discipline, motivation and self esteem.


To inspire and enable our swimmers to achieve their best in life and in swimming.

The Sierra Marlins is a USA Swimming Silver Medal Team that emphasizes competitive success at local, regional, and national meets.  SMST provides programs (fall program, spring clinic, masters, etc.) for all ages, skill and commitment levels. The Sierra Marlins emphasize a strong component of our organization at all levels.  Team goals include maintaining our status as the top team at the local level (Junior Olympics), top 3 at the regional level (Far Westerns and Sectionals) and top 10 at the national level (USA National Championships).

We have a well devised age group system where kids are encouraged to be their best and are taught the current techniques in a fun, diverse, safe and supportive atmosphere. We have an elite level senior group that supplies an environment that leads to success at the top levels of swimming competition. We encourage preparation for success at the NCAA level.

The Sierra Marlins expect and recognize excellence at all levels of our team structure, including athletes, parents, coaches and board of directors.  We take pride in being a disciplined, smarter team, where athletes are encouraged to reach for the highest levels of the sport through perseverance rather than talent.  Coaches, parents and board members supply the support necessary for the organization to foster personal growth and to allow our athletes to prosper.  The Sierra Marlins contribute to and support the community in which we swim.


The following is a list of values that we deem most important in our organization:

Hard Work Safety Competitive Success Accountability / Personal responsibility
Goal Setting Fun Healthy Lifestyle Consistency
Self-Reliance Integrity Socialization Commitment
Persistence Leadership Self-Discipline Technical Expertise
Respect Sportsmanship Team Pride Sense of Community