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Senior 1

Senior 1 Group

  • High School Swimmers
  • Swimming is the athlete’s number one extracurricular activity. 
  • Athlete is 100% commitment to DART at Sacramento and the season plan.



  • 17 hours per week 
  • 2 hour primary practice session (usually afternoons); 1.5 hour “morning” practice sessions
  • 6800-7500y during primary practice sessions while “mornings” are varied. 
  • Training regularly includes dryland sessions.
  • Double practice days required (8-12 per month recommended.)



  • Refine/master stroke drills and technique.
  • Maintain proper technique under increased load.
  • Major emphasis on kicking.
  • Maximize stroke efficiency/speed.
  • Maximized speed and power to 15m.



  • Advanced level of aerobic training.
  • Excel at race pace training and test sets.
  • Train all 4 strokes and work on identifying primary strokes and event specialization.



  • Understand the relationship between training, maturation and development and its effect on performance.
  • Understands how to use HR to monitor training.
  • Use knowledge of stroke count and pacing, demonstrating consistency in training.
  • Knows race plan for each event and appropriate training paces.


Character Development/Life Skills

  • Ownership of the sport and accountable for process choices and outcomes.
  • Chooses to be a swimmer.
  • Accepts the responsibility of being a leader and role model.
  • Leads by positive example.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to team through dedication.
  • Mastered time management skills so that outside activities do not interfere with practice and meet attendance.
  • Understands the need to sacrifice self interest for team goals.
  • Builds and contributes to team unity and group identity.



  • Can Identify optimal mindset for peak performance at practice and meets.
  • Skilled in recognizing and controlling excitement/nervousness.
  • Can visualize are race start to finish.
  • Successfully uses pre-race routines and controlled focus points to maintain focus when racing. 
  • Works to maximize positive self thoughts and eliminate or minimize negative self talk.
  • Understands the effect of posture, actions, and social environment have on emotions.
  • Positively reframes uncontrollable and adversity to enhance confidence.



  • Vests fully in the dryland program and takes ownership of their effort within it.
  • Executes proper movements (pull ups, push ups, squats) and use of equipment (med balls, dumbbells, kettle bells and jump rope.)
  • Completes flexibility routines both at practice and at home.
  • Advanced strength and conditioning.


Competitive Performance

  • Prepare and compete at the highest level meet in which they have qualified.
  • Swimming is their number one extracurricular activity with 100% commitment.
  • Prepare for collegiate training and competition.



Required Equipment:

  • Kickboard
  • Fins
  • Pull buoy
  • Paddles
  • Snorkel 
  • Tempo Trainer
  • Jump rope
  • Heavy rope