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Team Dues and Fees

USA Swimming Team Registration & Monthly Dues

Please refer to our Dues & Payment Policy for complete information

The New 2019 Fall Swim Program Session information is here.

Annual Team Registration Fee:  

  • Year-Round USA Swimmers:
    1. New Families:  $200 per family, due at time of registration.
    2. Returning Families:  $100 per family, due at time of registration. 
    3. College swimmers: $100 per swimmer, due at time of registration.
  • Fall Program Swimmers:  $100 per Family.  Fall season ends January 31, upon which if the swimmer chooses to continue with USA Swimming, the Annual Team Registration balance of $100 will be due.

USA Swimming Monthly Dues*:  11-monthly payments, on the 1st of September through July. 

Practice Group       1st Swimmer              3rd or more Swimmer

Senior 1                       $250.00                       $125

Senior 2                       $250.00                       $125

Pre Senior                    $210.00                       $105

Age Group 3                 $170.00                       $ 85

Age Group 2                 $140.00                       $ 70

Age Group 1                 $100.00                       $ 50

Team Alumni^              $300 (per year, Sept-Aug)

Local College Team^      $100 

College Age/Post HS^    $250 

                                                                      * Dryland fees are included

Multi-Swimmers Fee Calculations:

  • Discounts will be given for families with 3 or more swimmers.
  • Discount is applied to the lowest swimmer fees, starting with the third swimmer.     

No Proration

Method of Payment:  TeamUnify Billing - Visa or ACH

Mail address:    DART at Sacramento, PO Box 601034, Sacramento, CA 95860



^1) Local College:  swimmers who are on a local college team and train with them during the competition season then return to DART.  

^2)    College-age/ post-HS:  HS graduate and older swimmers who have not or are not swimming for college.   

^3)    Team Alumni:  swimmers who have graduated from the DART Sacramento program and return to train.