Head Coach - Devin Kutil

The water, the thoughts in my head from the day, a few thousand yards, and I am in bliss. The pool has always been a place of personal development for me and sets apart swimming from any other team sport.  Growing up in the highly competitive Irvine Swim League and Orange County swim culture, I found that when I gave my all, pushed myself, and achieved for me, I became closer with the teams I swam for. The attitude of being completely you and knowing what your own goals are, is the culture I try and bring to the pool deck every day. For me, that attitude started the first day of practice when I was 5. I learned how to swim when I was still in diapers and being the water creature that I am (“water boy” according to those who see the bathroom after I shower), I relished getting the opportunity to learn a set and get to it. My coach was a big kid coach and all the swimmers wanted to get to the top so they could swim and learn from him. I achieved that goal early and carried that to every coach I ever swam under. My youth was spent with the Greentree Gators, and they gave me half of what I believe makes a perfect coach……killer instinct. The other half came later when I was an assistant coach for the late Todd Larsen……understanding and connection. Todd taught me to find the joy in learning how each swimmer worked. No two swimmers have the same stroke and I marveled how easy it was for Todd to bring the best out if his swimmers. Todd was a team coach who loved every swimmer and never let any one judge his team. Where I learned how to be a champion swimmer on the Gators, I found out how to be a champion coach on the North Park Riptide. Those memories and skills I picked up carried me through high school, and I found that whenever I stepped near a deck I was in my element and community. Ill swim my entire life and whether it’s to pull me through a triathlon, on a board behind a boat, with fins snorkeling, or just plain old chicken fights, I know where my Zen is and I’ll bring that to my swimmers wherever they are.


Assistant Coach - Ben Lubetkin

I swam on the Paradise Piranhas for a few years before transitioning into a position at the pool life guarding and teaching swim lessons. I have been involved with swim lessons for five years now and am going into my third year coaching. This past year I became the Paradise Pool Supervisor and now handle all the lifeguards and swim instructors. I love swimming. I believe that it is a great outlet for exercise and competition and eagerly look forward to seeing each swimmer progress, whether it be through times, stroke improvement, or overall fun.