Group 1

Summer 2018 

May 1st - June 8th, June 11th- July26th

Group 1:  Introduction to Swimming -


Description:  This program is designed to be an instructional and exercise program that develops health, fitness and swimming skills (for children.)  Instruction consists of the fundamentals of swimming, and introduction to the competitive swim strokes.  Students will increase endurance and strength in an enjoyable and confidence building environment.  Classes will be held 5 days a week for 30 minutes, with 8-10 swimmers per coach/instructor.  Swimmers will be placed into one of two instruction groups based on age, ability and skill level.  This group is designed for individuals with no prior swim team experience.

Fees:   $55 per month 

Session Dates:   May 1st - June 8th, June 11th -July 26th                                                                          

Location:  Paradise Parks and Recreation Pool 5600 Recreation Drive







May 1st- June 8th

4:00pm - 4:30pm

5600 recreation Drive




June 11th morning practice begins Monday-Friday 9:15-9:45    ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY FOR STRETCHING @ 9:00

To participate in this group, swimmers should be able to complete the following:

  • 10 yds of forward locomotion, unassisted
  • float on their stomach, unassisted, with face in the water for at least 5 seconds
  • float on their back, unassisted, for at least 5 seconds
  • enter shallow water (up to their chin) unassisted
  • exit shallow water unassisted
  • feel comfortable underwater
  • feel comfortable exploring deep water (over their head) with assistance if necessary
Summer swim fees are billed monthly. Fees listed above do not include a one time $25 registration fee.
Swimmers must be a member of USA swimming cost of $50.75 sign up at We are a season 2 team, the club code is SN-PARA