Group 4

Summer 2018 

May 1st - June 8th, June 11th - July 26th

Group 4:  Competitive 

Description:  This program is designed to help those athletes, and their families, who choose to make the necessary commitment to reach their full potential and personal goals.  This program includes year round athletes, as well as summer athletes, who are willing to demonstrate individual commitment to the competitive program, as well as development of the team as a whole.

Fees:  $75 per month

Session Dates:  May 1st - June 8th, June 11th - July 26th

Location: 5600 Recreation Drive Paradise Parks and Recreation Pool







May 1st- June 8th

5:00pm - 6:15pm

5600 Recreation Drive



Morning practices begin June 11th 6:45-8:00 arrive 15 minutes prior for stretching at 6:30


Swimmers will be expected to swim the following repeat distances during practices:

  • 50-1000 yards of freestyle 
  • 50-200 yards of backstroke and breaststroke
  • 25-100 yards of butterfly
  • 100-400 yards of I.M.

Training guidelines:

  • Regular practice attendance is expected (5 sessions per week)
  • Swimmers should be able to accurately demonstrate understanding of:
    • set descriptions
    • intervals
    • time standards
  • Attendance at scheduled team swim meets is expected. (see meet schedule)

Summer swim fees are billed monthly. Fees listed above do not include a one time $25 registration fee.

Swimmers must be a member of USA swimming cost of $50.75 sign up at We are a season 2 team, the club code is SN-PARA