Dart Swim School

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Registration is open!  Go HERE to register for Dart Swim School.  

***A few reminders classes are offered as a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday class with alternating Fridays. If you want your child to swim the full 8 weeks you must sign up for Session A and Session B.

Fall Options 2020

We have several swim options for Fall 2020. We offer classes for younger and novice swimmers through Dart Swim School.  Additionally, we offer Falldarts for swimmers in 2nd through 8th grade through Dart Swim Team. Go HERE for Falldart information.


Practice times have changed from the original times. Each lesson now starts 10 minutes later. See below.


Dart Swim School


Dart swim school will be offering a few of our higher levels this Fall. We will be practicing social distancing and no contact swim instruction.


Dart Swim School will look different this Fall as everyone’s health and safety are most important. Coaches will be in the water with groups but there will be no contact between swimmer and coach. Due to this we will only be offering Red, Blue and Pre-Bronze levels. Pre-Bronze this year is a mix of our Purple and Pre-Bronze groups. Red swimmers will be swimming the shallowest part of the pool but must be comfortable swimming 5 yards of freestyle and taking a breath before stopping. More information about the groups offered are below. 


All groups will be offered as Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday combo with alternating Fridays. Fridays in weeks 1 and 3 would be for the Monday/Wednesday class and Fridays in weeks 2 and 4 would be for the Tuesday/Thursday class. 


Days Offered: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday and alternating Fridays

Sessions: Session A Sept. 8-Oct. 2.  Session B Oct. 5-30. You must register for both sessions to do the full 8 weeks.

Times: 12:10-12:40, 12:45-1:15, 1:20-1:50

Cost: $185/session

Location: Community Pool

Registration: Click HERE to register.


If you are unsure of which group your child is best suited for email Jamie Owen Kiarie at prior to registration. 



4-5 years old

Swim and kick 5 yards of freestyle (arms come out of the water and face in the water) and kick 5 yards on back. Max Ratio 3 swimmers: 1 coach



4-6 yrs


Kick/Swim 15 yards unassisted freestyle (usually does side breathing) and backstroke. Max Ratio 4 swimmers: 1 coach



6-11 years old 

Kick/Swim 20 yards unassisted freestyle (with side breathing) and backstroke without stopping. Able to swim in deeper pool. Max Ratio 6 swimmers: 1 coach

Questions? Email Dart Swim School Director Jamie Owen Kiarie at