Dart Swim School

                                                               DART SWIM SCHOOL

Dart Swim School is back for Spring 2020!

Below is information about registration, location, times, fees and groups. For questions or more information please email Jamie Owen Kiarie at Reminder our popular Minidart program is offered through Swim School in the spring and fall. 

Location: Community Pool

Registration: Opens HERE on February 12 at 6:00 AM

Dates: All classes are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 12 lessons per Session. 

Session A: April 14-May 7

Session B: May 12-June 4

Full Session: If you want to do the full 8 weeks you MUST sign up for both sessions.

Fees for all groups except Pre-Bronze:

·       One Session $185

·       Full Session $370

Pre-Bronze: Pre-Bronze will be offered again this Spring through Dart Swim School, this is for swimmers in K-3rd grade (6-8 year olds) and is designed for swimmers who wish to develop the skills needed for advancement to the Aquadart Bronze group. The primary focus will be on kicking, freestyle and backstroke with additional emphasis on streamlines, turns, and starts.  Swimmers must have the following skills to be in this group:

·       Kick 20 yards with a kickboard unassisted

·       Swim 20 yards of freestyle with breathing, unassisted

·       Swim 20 yards of backstroke, unassisted

Classes are at Community Pool from 5:15-6:00 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays with optional Fun meets on some Friday afternoons. Please email if you have any questions about this group.

Fees for Pre-Bronze:

·       One Session $190

·       Full Session $380

Scholarships and 3rd Chid Discount: 

  • There is a 3rd child discount for all families (same household) with 3 or more children in Springdarts, Swim School or Aquadarts; the cost is half of the regular fee for the third and any subsequent children. You must pay the full amount for all children when applying; we will refund you the difference after registration.  The discount is applied to the swimmer with the lowest fees. 
  • Scholarship applications and information can be found at this link. The scholarship application deadline for spring is April 1; no late scholarship applications accepted. 

Friday Fun Meets: Blue, Purple, and Pre-Bronze swimmers will be able to participate in Friday Fun Meets throughout the Fall. Meet dates are TBA. 

Private Lessons: Private lessons, which are one-on-one coaching for 30 minute sessions with Aquadart staff, They are available Mondays and Fridays at 3:15 and 3:45 at Civic Pool and Wednesdays at 2:15 and 2:50 at Community Pool between April 14-June 5.  The cost per session is $30. These can be registered for on the same link as group lessons. If those times do not work email Jamie Kiarie to see if you can schedule a different time.

Groups: Please consult the chart at the bottom for the best fit for your child(ren). Skill requirements are more important than ages. So okay if swimmers are not the age that is listed for the group they meet the skill requirements for.



Skill Requirements

Times TWTH


18 mon-2 years Beginner

Get in water without a parent.  Max Ratio 2 swimmers: 1 coach







2-3 yrs Beginner

Put face in water independently and blow bubbles.  Max Ratio 2 swimmers: 1 coach



3-4 yrs Beginner

Float with assistance and go underwater without assistance. Kicks independently on noodle/kickboard. Swimmers in this group must be comfortable in 3 feet deep water. Max Ratio 3 swimmers: 1 coach







4-5 yrs


Float on back and stomach without assistance. Can swim 3 yards of freestyle (arms come out of the water and face in the water). Max Ratio 3 swimmers: 1 coach



4-6 yrs


 Kick/Swim 10 yards unassisted freestyle (usually does side breathing) and backstroke. Max Ratio 4 swimmers: 1 coach



5-7 yrs


Kick/Swim 15 yards unassisted freestyle (with side breathing) and backstroke without stopping Able to swim in deeper pool. Max Ratio 5 swimmers: 1 coach


6-10 yrs Beginner

Bob and glide off wall independently This group is for older swimmers who are new to swim lessons. Max Ratio 4 swimmers: 1 coach






























Questions? Email Jamie Owen Kiarie at