Summer 2020 Minidart Information 

Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to offer Minidarts for Session One.  We are hopeful we may be able to offer Minidarts for Session Two if state regulations open up. Registration for Session One (June 22-July 17) is now closed. We will open registration for Session Two (July 20-Aug. 14) at a later date. If you wish to be placed on an email list for Session Two info, contact 


Safety and health is of upmost importance – we are doing all we can to ensure the safety of all swimmers, families and coaches during this COVID 19 time.  Dart Swimming has worked with the city, county board of supervisors, county health department, and the state to develop a safe return to the pool. 


  • At this time, we are only allowed one swimmer per lane.

  • Due to COVID regulations, no coaches can be in the water with the swimmers.  Coaches will be teaching skills from the deck. This means we are not able to offer Minidarts, nor are we able to enroll swimmers who need the assistance of a coach in the water with them.

  • As we are not able to have coaches in the water with the swimmers, all swimmers must meet the following minimum requirements and skills:

    • Must be age 6 by June 22 and have completed Kindergarten.

    • Able to kick 15 yards with a kickboard, unaided.

    • Able to swim 15 yards freestyle and backstroke unaided and without stopping or grabbing the lane rope.

  • We are offering two sessions: Session One is June 22-July 17, and Session Two is July 20-August 14.  If state regulations change and allow more swimmers per lane, then we hope we can offer more options for the second session, including some Minidart sessions if possible.

  • We are currently enrolling for Session One only. We will open enrollment for Session Two later.  Swimmers can join one or both sessions, space permitting.

  • At this time, COVID restrictions and State mandates will not permit swim meets.  We will add them later if we are able to safely do so.


Minidarts: Younger swimmers ages 4-6 can join our Minidarts program. 30-minute sessions are held at Community Pool on T-W-TH. Coaches work with children in small groups, teaching them swim skills and the four swim strokes, engage them in fun swim games, and introduce them to swim team and swim meets. Optional swim meets are offered.




Carolee Gregg                      758-DART


Jamie Owen Kiarie                758-DART