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Instructions for registering your swimmer for USA Swimming using Swim-Smarter

Walk through the process with ease using Swim-Smarter. Simply click and follow along. It's that easy! Just make sure to select SN-AH for your team and when you check out, be sure to select either the Season 1 registration, or the Year Round option.


** If you need to know their USA Swimmer ID the formula is as follows: date of birth, first 3 letters of legal first name, first letter middle name, and first 4 letters of last name. So Sally Mary Jones born on 01011998 would be 010198SALMJONE. It is always 14 characters so if you have no middle name or your name has less letters in it than the formula requires, an asterisk (*) will be put in that spot as a place holder (ie. 090201DAVCFRY* or 080399MAR*BLAC).