Volunteer Info



3 Divisions of Volunteering

#1 Timing at a swim meet

#2  SASO hosted swim meets 

#3 "SEE" Otters Volunteer / Leadership Roles 

SWIM GROUP    #1 - Timing       #2 - Hosted meets #3  - SOV
Kroc Groups Yes If swimmer participates Optional
Intro to Otters Yes if swimmer participates Optional
Beginner Yes If swimmer participates Optional
Yellow Otters Yes If swimmer participates Optional
Blue Otters Yes Yes Optional
Age Group Yes Yes Yes
Junior Yes Yes Yes
Senior Prep Yes Yes Yes
Senior Yes Yes Yes

If you have more than one swimmer, follow requirements of your highest level swimmer only.


#1 - Timing at a Swim Meet

Timing or officiating at an away swim meet is required for every family with a swimmer attending the meet. These are shared responsibilities for all participating teams and the number of timers and officials required by each team is based on the number of entered swimmers. Families should anticipate timing each day their swimmer is racing.

Once we receive our team requirements from the host team, assignments will be made available on our website. Click on "Job Signups" to the right of meet name on our home page. 



#2 - SASO Hosted Swim Meets

Hosted meets are the primary fundraisers for our team and allow dues to remain competitive,  All swimmers benefit from the money raised at these meets. The number of hours/sessions required for each swim group is determined based on the size and length of the meet. The Meet Director will work with the Board of Directors to set the volunteering schedule and requirements.
We host three major swim meets a year which will have volunteer requirements for SASO families.


  • Fall Back Invite / November 2 - 3, 2019
  • Last Chance Qualifier / February TBD, 2020


#3 - "SEE" Otters Volunteer

Go to SEE Otters Volunteers / Parent Leadership Roles to see all volunteer positions.

Leadership roles are assigned a point value based on the amount of work they require.  Advanced Swim Group families are expected to accumulate 6-12 leadership points per 6 month period depending upon the highest swim group of their swimmer(s).  Volunteer cycles are broken up  into  two six-month periods: January – June and July – December. Points do not carryover and are non-transferrable.

If you have more than one swimmer, follow requirements of your highest level swimmer only.

Kroc Group Optional n/a
Intro to Otters Optional n/a
Beginners Optional n/a
Yellow Otters Optional n/a
Blue Otters Optional n/a
Age Group 12 Dec 31, 2019
Junior 12 Dec 31, 2019
Senior 2 6 Dec 31, 2019
Senior 12 Dec 31 2019