Racing Suits



Practice Suits

SASO Swimmers are welcome to wear any suits to practices and club meets.  SASO swimmers can wear any caps to practices.  


Racing Suits-Meets   (Year Round Competitive Swimmers)


SASO swimmers must wear our team approved suits and SASO caps to all meets.  SASO approved suits are solid Navy Blue and Black.


Senior swimmers may wear technical suits to the appropriate meets.  Senior swimmers should check with the head coach regarding "suited" meets.


Suits for specific meets listed below: 


Blue and Gold and Dual meets- wear any suit (should be a tight fitting suit.)


Invites/Sierra Nevada/Pacific Swimming open meets- a Blue or Black Speedo brand suit.  Girls should wear a regular cut racing suit.  Boys should wear a brief of jammer. 


Trials and Finals-TBD


Senior Trials and Finals-Senior swimmers may wear technical suits at appropriate senior trials and finals meets.  Swimmers should talk to the head coach about the appropriate meet.  Speedo  brand suits MUST be worn at Sectionals, Junior Nationals and Nationals.


As part of our partnership with Speedo, swimmers who attend higher level USA swimming meets will receive Speedo product and a racing suit (either discounted or free depending on the level meet.)