*Committee Chair





Executive Committee

(Article 605.6.1)

The Executive Committee shall have the authority and power to act for the Board of Directors and SNS between meetings of the Board and the House of Delegates.


Nominating Committee

(Article 604.8.1)

The Nominating Committee shall comprise not fewer than five (5) Individual Members. The Nominating Committee members shall be elected biennially by the House of Delegates and will serve until their successors are elected. If the House of Delegates does not act in a timely fashion the Board of Directors shall elect a Nominating Committee to serve until their successors are elected. A number greater than five (5) may be designated from time to time by either the House of Delegates or the Board of Directors. Each Nominating Committee member shall be a member of the House of Delegates and no more than two (two-fifths if there are more than five (5) members of the Nominating Committee) shall be Board Members or Executive Committee members. Section 606.3 shall apply to members of the Nominating Committee but service as the immediate past General Chair shall not be counted for that purpose. If any member of the Nominating Committee resigns or otherwise becomes unable to participate in its affairs, the General Chair, with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors, shall appoint a successor to serve until the next meeting of the House of Delegates. In no case shall the General Chair serve on the Nominating Committee 


Board of Review

(Article 610.3.2)

The Board of Review shall have the power and the duty to promulgate reasonable rules and procedures consistent with the corporation laws of the LSC with respect to any matter within its jurisdiction or appropriate, necessary or helpful in the administration and conduct of its affairs. Such rules and procedures shall have the same force and effect as if they had been adopted as part of these Bylaws.



Athlete’s Committee

(Article 607.4.1)

The Athletes Committee shall serve ast he primary forum for identifying and bringing issues of Athlete Member interest and concern to the Board of Director and House of Delegates for Discussion and action. The Athletes Committee is obligated to provide athlete education and to assist in ensuring effective participation oin elections of teh Athlete Representatives. The Athletes Committee is authorized to conduct such events and activities with and on behalf of the athletes in SNS as the committee may determine necessary or appropriate.

Coaches  Committee

(Article 607.3.3)

The members of the Coaches Committee shall consist of Coach Representatives and such additional coach members as may be determined by the Coach Representatives, together with sufficient number Athlete Members to constitute at least 20%of the voting membership of the committee (appointed by the Sr Vice Chair, with advice of the Athlete Reps). The Sr Vice-Chair shall chair the committee.


Finance Committee

(Article 607.4.2)

The Finance Committee is authorized and obligated to consult with the officers, committee chairs and coordinators and prepare and present a  proposed budget for consideration and approval by the Board of Director and the House of Delegates. The officers, committee chairs and coordinators shall provide promptly such financial information (current and projected) and budget proposals as the Finance Committee may request. The proposed budget may contain alternatives.The Finance Committee, exclusive of the Treasurer, is authorized to, and it shall be its duty to, conduct the annual audit of the books of SN SWIMMING pursuant to Section 608.5 and present the results thereof to the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates.

The Finance Committee is also authorized and obligated to develop, establish where so authorized or recommend to the Board of Directors and supervise the execution of policy regarding the investment of SN SWIMMING's working capital, funded reserves and endowment funds, within the guidelines, if any, established by the Board of Directors or the House of Delegates. The Finance Committee shall also regularly review SN SWIMMING's equipment needs (both operational and office) and the various methods available to finance the acquisition of any needed equipment, make a determination of the best financing method for SN SWIMMING and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.



Officials Committee

(Article 607.4.4)

The Officials Committee is authorized and obligated to recruit, train, test, certify, evaluate, retest, recertify and supervise officials for SNS and such other activities as may be necessary or helpful in maintaining a roster of qualified, well-trained and experienced officials of the highest caliber.


Personnel Committee

(Article 607.4.5)

The Personnel Committee is authorized and obligated to negotiate and set wages, compensation, and other terms of employment of SNS staff (whether employees or independent contractors) within established budgetary guidelines and policies and to review and approve the scope of duties delegated to staff.


Program Development -  

Sport Performance Committee

New Committee


Safe Sport Committee

(Article 607.4)

The purpose of the SNS Safe Sport Committee is to ensure implementation of the USA Swimming’s Safe Sport policies, guidelines, educational programs, reporting and adjudication procedures which are intended to help provide as safe, healthy and positive environment as possible for all USA Swimming members. The Safe Sport Committee will:  A) Coordinate and oversee the implementation of effective ongoing educational programs for all athlete members, their parents, coaches, volunteers and local clubs as provided by USA Swimming;  B) Be the primary contact for the club members in SNS to share information about what USA Swimming and other LSCs are doing regarding Safe Sport policies and programs; and to collect, develop and disseminate information on LSC best practices;  C) Serve as an information resource for clubs by, among other things, helping to identify and connect them with local educational partners and resources;  D) Perform other functions as necessary in the fulfillment of USA Swimming’s continuing efforts to foster safe, healthy and positive environments for all its members; and E) Be available to work on special projects, educational programs and assignments as needed.  (607.4.8)



Safety Committee

(Article 607.4.6)

The Safety Committee shall be responsible for coordinating safety enhancement and training opportunities as needed and for the dissemination of USA Swimming safety education information to all Group Members, athletes, coaches and officials of SNS.  The Safety Committee shall develop safety education programs and policy for SNS and make recommendations regarding those programs and policies and their implementation to the applicable division vice chairs and the Board of Directors.  When approved by the Board of Directors, the Safety Committee| shall be responsible for the coordination of their implementation by the Club Members.  The Safety Committee Chair with the assistance of the Committee members shall prepare and transmit the reports required pursuant to Section 607.7


Scheduling Committee

(Article 607.2.2.5)

The Scheduling Committee shall be responsible for developing and publishing a schedule of events for each year to accommodate the programmatic needs of the Age Group Division and the Senior Division. 


Technical Planning Committee

(Article 607.4.7)

The Technical Planning Committee shall be responsible for long-range planning for the swimming programs conducted by SNS and for advice regarding the technical aspects of those programs and of the sport of swimming generally. For each upcoming season, the Technical Planning Committee shall devise a proposed meet schedule in consultation with the Age Group Committee and the Senior Committee. After approval by the Board of Directors, the Committee shall publish the proposed schedule and seek bids from Club Members to host meets. After reviewing the bids received, the Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors and House of Delegates for the adoption of a firm schedule and award of hosting rights to Club Members. The Technical Planning Chair shall coordinate the evaluation, revision and approval of meet announcements in consultation with the Age Group Vice Chair and Senior Vice Chair and other appropriate SNS officers, chairs and coordinators and shall make recommendations regarding the issuance of sanctions for these meets by the Administrative Vice Chair. 



(Committee Members do not need to be USA Swimming Non-Athlete Members)