SOAR Year Round

 The SOAR Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of the SOAR Team to offer age specific training geared towards challenging each swimmer and developing each individual to the best of their abilities

Gold  The Gold group takes on a much more rigorous training load than the Silver group while continuing to build upon the skills acquired at the age group level. Practice times are longer in conjunction with higher yardage requirements. Besides the increase in physical demands required, the swimmers will be expected to understand interval training and will learn how to train at different levels and speeds.. There will also be a greater emphasis on race strategies. The Gold group is the highest level in the SOAR program and swimmers within the group are focused on improving all aspects of their training including dry land, nutrition, and mental preparation. 

Gold Elite:  Gold Elite are those swimmers who have made the long-term commitment to the sport and have a goal to compete at the national and collegiate level.  Those chosen to be part of Gold Elite are expected to maintain a high practice attendance percentage, attend team meets and maintain their academic responsibilities throughout the school year.   The coaches will work with the athletes to develop their leadership skills both on the team and within the community.  Team travel opportunities and unique training sessions will be provided. 

Silver:  This group is the level in which swimmers move from primary stroke and technique instruction to more emphasis on training. Drill work and kicking will continue to make up a large portion of this group; however, swimming sets will be added. At this level, goal setting will be introduced and swimmers will be expected to be more accountable for their progress in swimming. Consistent practice attendance is necessary for continued improvement and advancement to the next group.

Silver Elite are for those swimmers in middle school who have made a commitment to the team in terms of regular practice attendance, meet participation, academic responsibilities and positive attitudes.  Goals for Silver Elite include representing SOAR at JO’s, SWAGR, Far Westerns and Western Zone meets.  Coaches will select athletes based upon the criteria above as well as goal meetings with the swimmer and parents.  Silver Elite will have opportunities to team travel and participate in unique training sessions. 

Bronze:  All swimmers within this group must be able to successfully swim each of the four competitive strokes in a legal manner as deemed by USA swimming, Inc. rules. Further, sharpening of competitive strokes through drills and kicking will be emphasized. Starts, turns, and mental skills for training for the next level will also be emphasized.