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Group Descriptions and Fees Click Here for Document.

Additional to monthly dues from your group training:


  • It is $13.63 for a single member, or $27.27 for a family fundraising obligation monthly.  You can just let that ride and not worry about doing any fundraising.  Or you can also participate in the fundraising events. 


  • If you participate in any or all the 3 annual events:  Summer Raffel, December Give Back Tahoe, and Spring Fun Fast 50's, and you raise $150 or more than $150 will be credited back to your account.  The monthly charge of $13.63 a month will continue regardless of credits back to your account.  

Leave of absence:  If you want a month/ months off dues simply email me that you will be on leave before the 1st of the month the leave will begin.  I will change the status to free leave.  The only charge that will continue is the $13.63 or family $27.27 to stay active on the annual season. If you wished to finish the season early, then the $13.63 or family $27.27 would stop at that point but if you were to re-join it would be the same process as a new registration.

TTST Registration Fee:  $75 per member is the onetime fee to join the swim team for a season.  It includes that seasons team swim caps through the year as they break, use of our team gear at practice, and other team apparel orders. 

USA Swimming Membership:  Annual USA Swimming membership is required of all members as TTST is a USA Swimming Club.  There are two annual options that are valid from Jan 1 - December 31 the following year.  I do all the registrations.  You can simply tell me which option you want, and I will make the registration and charge your swim team account:

  • Option 1:  USA Flex $21.75 annual.  It covers all practice sessions for liability through USA Swimming Insurance.  It also allows the swimmer to attend two non-championship level swim meets per year.  If a swimmer wants to start going to more swim meets, then an upgrade to premium membership is needed a cost of the difference which is $68.


  • Option 2:  USA Premium $89.75 annual.  It covers all practice sessions for liability through USA Swimming Insurance.  It allows the swimmer to attend an unlimited number of swim meets that they qualify for.     

Swim meet fees:  Attending swim meets is optional.  You will have to pay for swim meets.  Average cost of meet entries would be about $50 per meet.  It can be a little less and more depending on how many events and days you attend the meet for.  Sign up for meets through your TTST account.  Find the meet in the events click attend/decline and register your swimmer.  Once you are on the roster you will be entered.  Once entries are made there are NO REFUNDS.  If your plans change and you are not able to make the meet you will still be charged for entries.  Swim meets are not mandatory, however; TTST is a competitive team that progresses the swimmers of the program on a track to experience competitive swimming when they feel ready to do so.  Read more about entering meets CLICK HERE