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Swim Meet Guide


This is to help our new members understand the swim competition process.  I see that many of our new Novice swimmers are motivated to compete.  That is a wonderful.  Their first meet experience should be as stress free and as fun as possible.  As a coaching staff our main desire at this stage is to see them to enjoy the first experience at a competition!  Here are my suggestions for healthy first time progression into swimming competition.

1.  Start with our internal club, Friday Race Day, sessions.  These will take place some two or more Fridays per month. Friday race day sessions are perfect to feel out swimming competition in a stress free environment.  

2. Graduate up to open standard USA Swimming Age Group Level meets.  This means they do not have a time standard to compete.  TTST attends a USA Swimming Meet of this type in the following months Short Course 25 yards, September, October, November, January, February, Long Course Meters April, May, June, and July.  See our events calendar for specific meet location and dates.  That is where you can read if there are any time standard restrictions and if it is appropriate for a first time in competition swimmer.  

3.  Entering a meet through the team is easy.  Click the ATTEND/DECLINE tab in the upper left corner.  That will place you on the committed athlete roster.  Please add a note of what days you can attend and any other questions or request, and I will get back to you with a reply.  Once you are on the committed athlete list, coaches will sign swimmers up for events at the meet. You will be invoiced for swim meet fees and the end of the month.  You will also receive confirmation of entries and event information about a week before the meet starts.  If you would like to make changes, they must be made before the published registration deadline.  Once a meet closes no changes are possible and no refunds are granted fore cancelation.  The process is more important than the result, and communication is a big part of that process.  Please talk to your coach about meets you are attending

Easy Reference to enter USA Swimming Meet for TTST:

  • Click on ATTEND/DECLINE for any swim meet on the events lists of our website.

  • Remember to add a note if you plan on swimming specific sessions or days.

Special note:  If there is a cancelation or no show, meet entry fees are non-refundable.  There is a also a TTST Splash FEE to help offset costs:

$5 per swimmer regional meets (Reno / Sacramento areas)

$15 per swimmer (SNS JO's)

$30 per swimmer (Far Westerns & Longer Drive Travel Meets)

$~50 per swimmer for meets that require flights & are set by number of qualifiers and travel needs

Can't wait to have some big TTST turnouts at meets this 2019/2020 season!

Coach Cyrus

Arriving at a Swim Meet Venue:  Based on the warm-up start time listed in the meet sheet, plan to arrive a few minutes before warm-ups begin. Parking is difficult at just about every meet venue, so be prepared to spend some time searching for a parking space. At some of the outdoor meets in the summertime, it’s nice to bring a rolling cart with you to the meet. You can pile your chairs, cooler, umbrella, swim bags, etc. into the cart and just roll it on in. The carts don’t work as well for indoor meets as deck space is usually very limited.

Bring for the family:

  • Chairs for everyone 
  • A blanket for the floor (the kids often like to sit in groups on the ground)
  • Games, playing cards, books and/or electronics - something to keep everyone entertained
  • Sunscreen!!!
  • An umbrella for summer outdoor meets
  • Camera (Note: photography is NOT ALLOWED behind the blocks at any meet!) 
  • Water and snacks - USA Swimming has a wealth of information about the right foods for competitive swimmers in their Nutrition Center.

Bring for the swimmer(s):

  • At least 2 towels
  • Warm clothing - even in summer
  • Swim parka or a robe (click here for uniform info)
  • Flip-flops or other comfortable slip-on shoes
  • Leave the fins, snorkel and other training gear at home
  • Goggles, nose plugs, team suit and cap, etc. - everything they need for swimming!
  • Shaded goggles for outdoor meets
  • Sharpie (for marking heat and lane assignments)
  • USA Swimming card and confirmation of meet signup

At the Meet:

When you arrive at the meet, the first thing you need to do is find the team and stake out a spot for your chairs. Squeeze in wherever you can and send your child to the locker rooms to get changed into his/her swimsuit. Your child must SIGN IN to the meet with the host swim team before getting in the pool to warm up. If you wait until after the warm up it might be too late to sign in! If you are not familiar with the meet venue, ask a teammate to show you where the sign in table is located.

Coach Cyrus