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Group Descriptions

​NEW for the 2018-19 season!! Please Read the information below!

We will begin the 2018 - 2019 season in September, 2018.  We are looking forward to another great season for TTST.  Here is how our program looks.

We aim to offer a place where swimmers can grow socially and athletically in the sport of swimming.

TTST Placement Process for Determining Groupings:

Our Novice program is the first step in the the TTST curriculum.  We start swimmers here that are able to swim safely 25 yards without feeling exhausted.  Within this level we focus on having fun while learning 6 streamline positions, 6 kicking positions, racing start progression, and visible beginning technique of the 4 competitive swimming strokes.  Sessions last 50 minutes. 
Regional swimmers progress out of the Novice program with the ability to swim 4 strokes, turns, dives, and streamline.  They will refine these skills with added intensity in the Regional training session.  Regional training last 1hr & 30 minutes.  
TTST Age Group All-Stars
Regional swimmers of TTST will be looking toward getting their first Sierra Nevada Swimming Junior Olympics Time standard.  Once a JO time is acquired all active TTST swimmers with this achievement or a faster time up to just short of the Sierra Nevada JR+Senior Time will hold the title of TTST Age Group All-Star! 1hr & 30 minute practice sessions.  
TTST Age Group All-Stars will be looking to make their first of 3 Senior Times:
(Sierra Nevada SR+ Time) Most famous is the Summer Sanders Meet, June
(Senior Western Zones Time) Annual LCM meet in Clovis, CA, end July/early August  
2hr practice sessions with 1hr & 30 minute mornings seasonal.
TTST Senior Team Swimmers will be looking to make and then go faster than the CA/NV Sectional time to be on the TTST National Team!  Here are the different levels from easiest to hardest on the National Team time standards:
CA/NV Sectional Times (CA/NV Sectional Meets in the fall, winter, spring and summer)  
Futures Times (This has only been one meet annually LCM in July/ early August)
Winter JR Nationals (Annually in December, times also equal the TYR Pro Series)
Summer JR Nationals (Annually in LCM only July/ early August)
Winter Nationals (Annually in December)
Summer Nationals (Annually in July also stands as Olympic Trails times every 4th year)
2hr practice sessions with 1hr & 30 minute mornings seasonal.

USA Motivational Age Group Standards:  BB, A, AA, AAA, AAAA Times are age standards on the times road to making the standards listed above.      

Final placement and level progression is subject to coach consultation with individual members.  In some cases where long term skill sets are present but times standards or specific meet targets are not met, then this consultation will determine a grouping.  


Objective:  The main objective of this seasonal swimming competition is to recognize a swimmer that earns the highest improvement marks through the course of the year.  The process uses an objective equation of swimming times and their equal FINA POINT to arrive at a Quality Improvement Point or Q.I.P for short. Head coach, Cyrus Crews, has run this competition for the past six years.  What is always true is that the hardest workers regardless of ability or speed are in the running for the top spots every year without exception.  Any age and any ability inside of their training group has an equal opportunity to train smart and go for the top spot!

Seasonal Schedule:  Short Course Yards Season will run from September 1st – March 31st.  Long Course Meters Season will run from April 1st – August 31st annually.  Each season will have an end of season awards ceremony to recognize the female and male winners of three TTST training groupings:  Elite, Regional, and Novice.

Approved Results:  USA Swimming approved meets.  All legal swimming sized pools approved by the coaching staff of TTST for useable Q.I.P times.  This means coaching timed practice results and official USA Swim results are accepted as data to improve a QIP score.

Acceptable Events:  All registered FINA events with existing FINA SCORES.  That is all Freestyle events 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1500, Fly Back Breast events 50, 100, 200 and 200/ 400 I.M. & FINA approved Open Water Events.  During USA SCY season times will be automatically converted to LCM through Team Manager to calculate a FINA and Q.I.P. 

Registration & First Score:  All TTST memebers are automatically registered by their membership data to compete.  A minimum of two times, one of which must be faster than the other, are required to calculate a single Q.I.P.    

Rankings and Awards Calculations:  QIP ‘Swimmer of the Season’ takes your 4 best QIP scores and divides them by 4 for an average QIP ranking.  Highest ranked male and female by training group wins the Swimmer of the Season

Additional Recognition:  Individuals who acquire a personal Q.I.P record based on previous seasonal Q.I.P achievements will also be recognized. 

The Q.I.P provides fun strong data that ties into our statement that every member has a place to have fun, progress, and not be left behind within the TTST curriculum.  Q.I.P data also allows coaches to make new training models that are working to consistently improve individual progress.

Have a great 2018/19 Season!


Cyrus Crews 

TTST Head Coac