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Team Fees

Vacaville Waves Fees for Year-Round Team

Our swim club depends on prompt payment of monthly dues to meet our financial obligations and appreciate your attention to these policies.  

Please email the board at with the subject "Question about monthly fees" with any questions.   

Team Fees/Dues

1.   Monthly Fees

·  Depending on date joined, new swimmers might qualify for prorated fees for the month (a board member will notify you). No refunds of fees will be made.

·  Credits may be granted for swimmers who do not swim at all during a month.  A notice must be emailed to with the reason why the swimmer will not be swimming.

·  If a swimmer attends practice one day of the month and does not attend the rest of the month, dues are still owed for that month

*For information about our monthly fees, please email

2.   USA Swimming Registration Fee --  $87/per swimmer for yearly membership

·  This is a required fee.  Swimmers cannot attend practice or meets if USA Swimming Registration Fees are not paid.

·  Swimmers must be registered ASAP or they will not be allowed to practice.

·  USA Registration fees are paid through

3.  Volunteer Hours Balance Due -- $10/ per hour not volunteered (Volunteer Info)


Dues Payment Schedule

Monthly dues are due on the 1st of every month. Billing statements are available by the 21st of the month prior to the new calendar month.  Please go to My Account > My Invoice/Payment.

·  Payments can be made online with the 'Donate/Pay Fees' button on the website, or

·  Families can sign up to have direct monthly deposit of fees, or

·  Please make checks payable to “Vacaville Swim Club”. Turn in your payment to any coach or board member on the pool deck, or

·  Mail your payment to:

Vacaville Swim Club

P.O. Box 122
Vacaville, CA  95696

DUES for each group:

Gold $150/month

Senior $140/month

Senior 2 $130/month

Silver $120/month

Blue $115/month

Red $100/month

White $90/month

Green 1 $100/month

Green 2 $100/month

Late Payments

Fees are delinquent after the 15th day of each month.  Fees paid after the 15th day of the month will result in a $20 late fee assessment, which should be included with payment.  

At 2 months past due, the swimmer(s) will no longer be permitted to practice or attend meets.

Any unpaid balances beyond 90 days could result in action by a collection agency.

Please e-mail the financial secretary if you feel you have circumstances that need special consideration.

Non-Sufficient Funds

Returned checks for non-sufficient funds (NSF) will result in a $25 assessment to cover Vacaville Swim Club charges incurred from processing the NSF item.

Two NSF items may result in a requirement to submit fees via money order or with cash.

Fees Suspension/Termination Agreement:

To suspend or terminate membership, notice must be given in writing (email) to the financial secretary or any board member that you are suspending or terminating your membership before the 20th of each month.  Fees will be assessed if the required notice is not given.     

Swimmers cannot attend practice or meets while on fees suspension.