Policy and Procedure
Turlock Aquatic Club’s philosophy is on developing individuals through swimming and related activities.  We will develop fitness, physical achievement, life lessons of sport, sportsmanship, and goal orientation.  We teach cooperation in working with all types of people, whether officials, teammates, or coaches.  Swimming and related activities cultivates positive mental attitude and high self-esteem.  They will participate in aquatics for such a short time yet the friendships that will develop and the life skills learned will carry on for a lifetime.
We all desire the best for our children in a competitive, fun and safe environment.  To establish this environment requires hard work and importantly, clear communication that starts with positive attitude and intent.

The main source of communication is our team website.
Parent and team members should expect from coaches:
1. Clear philosophy
2. Practice and meet expectations (location, date, time, conduct)
3. Clear team policies

Coaches should expect from parents:
1. Issues with coaching philosophy
2. Treatment of your child
3. Ways to help your child improve
Choose an appropriate occasion either after practice, or during a mutually agreeable time.  Before or during practices and meets are not appropriate times.  Clearly express your concerns and assume a positive intent.  If you cannot meet in person, you can always reach the Coach via email.

Swimmers are encouraged to attend all team practices.  Coaches need to know when a swimmer is not coming to a practice via some sort of communication (phone call, email, text). This is necessary so a coach knows what to plan for prior to a workout.  Parents are requested to remain off the deck near the side of the pool and remain in the bleachers,benches, or along the sides.  Parents should refrain from coaching their own children, as well as initiating discussions with the coaches during practice.
Swimmers should arrive 10 minutes before beginning of practice.  During that time, they should help set up the pool area, start stretching and loosening up for the workout.  If a swimmer must leave early this must be communicated to the coach prior to the beginning of the practice.

Attendance and Refunds
Turlock Aquatic Club (“TAC”) encourages all program participants to attend practice regularly.  TAC recognizes swimmers will have an occassion to not attend and miss a practice session.  In the event a swimmer is unable to attend practices for whatever reason including but not limited to illnesses, traffic issues, vacations, etc. TAC is not able to and will not provide refunds, partial or in full, for the programs offerred:  Seasonal Swim, year round and Masters swimming. 
TAC rigorously manages our coach to swimmer ratio in order to achieve program goals driven by efficencies related thereto.  Make up sessions for missed practices are permitted at the discretion of the coaches and require both a notification of intent to miss as well as a request for a make-up time offerred.  Year round, seasonal swim and masters have greater flexibility due to the schedule of program practices.  Coaches may allow make-ups based on current lane availability.  USA Swimming is organized on a strict ratio of coaches to swimmers and therefore, will not allow make-ups without explicit availability in the current session.  USA Swimming make-ups will not be permitted across multiple sessions.
TAC reserves the right to make changes to this policy in accordance with board policy and procedures.

If there is a situation in which a swimmer has been removed from a practice because of a discipline problem, the swimmer will remain in view of the coaches until the swimmer’s practice session has concluded.  If such behavior continues, the coach will set up a meeting with parent(s) to discuss methods to prevent this from continuing.
Inclement Weather
Practices will take place during most rainy days.  Practice will be canceled if it is thundering/lightening or in the event of high winds and/or heavy rain.  Coach Amanda is responsible for determining whether practice is canceled and will notify team members via phone tree, email, or Facebook.  If time permits it will also be posted on the team website.

Swimmers are expected to wear team suits (and team caps, if necessary) during swim meets.  We request parent attempt to match the team suit color as closely as possible if an alternate suit is selected.  All swimmers need to bring goggles, flippers, kick board and water bottles to practice sessions.  Swimmers are responsible for keeping tract of their equipment, not the coach.  All equipment should be marked with names using sharpie markers.

Family Volunteers
Running a club is a time intensive undertaking and can only be successful if family volunteers help conduct meets and social events.  Sign-ups will be posted at parent meetings as well as at the pool.  There are plenty of jobs to assist with, particularly when we host a meet.

In the past it was the policy for each family to raise $400 per year, or to be involved in projects that the fund raising fees could be applied towards.  At this time the Board is reviewing the policy for the upcoming year.  Once this has been approved you will be notified.

In order to have a positive atmosphere for all to prosper, we need to be sure that we have no “locker room lawyers.”  The meaning of this is that all complaints regarding policies, decisions, etc., need to be brought to the attention of Coach ,  or Board Members.  These individuals can suggest to the appropriate person to whom your issues should be addressed.  If still unresolved, the issue can then be taken to the board.   This is perhaps the most vital line of communication that we need to foster in order for us to grow.