White Group – Coach Dave


Ages: 9-12


Daily Training: The White Group will train from 6-7PM, Monday – Friday with an optional, but encouraged, dry land workout from 7-7:25PM, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


Attendance: Swimmers are encouraged to attend at least 4 workouts a week.


Requirements: Swimmers should know all 4 strokes upon entrance to the group. Swim meets are not required but encouraged.


Overview: This group is directed towards swimmers who already have an understanding of the 4 strokes and are looking to improve upon them. Technique is the emphasis of the practices, and racing strategies will be implemented as the season goes on. Swimmers are highly encouraged to participate in swim meets to be able to track their own progress and learn to be proud of their personal accomplishments.


Progression to Green: To Progress to the Green group, swimmers need to obtain at least one “BB” standard within SN swimming. Invitation is at the discretion of Coach Dave, determined not only by swimming ability but by attitude, motivation, and work ethic. Swim meets are mandatory for the Green group, as competition is the focus.