Pacific Sands Penguins Swim Team meets and events are managed and executed by our Parent Volunteer System. Meets are divided into sessions and hours. You are required to sign-up for volunteer positions on the Penguin’s Team Unify web site prior to a swim meet or swim team event. The exact number of hours required of each participating family will be determined based on the total number of Pacific Sands Penguins team members who register for the upcoming season. For the summer season, we anticipate that the total number of hours required of each family will not exceed eighteen (16) hours.

Families with ONLY a High School aged swimmer agree to volunteer a minimum of four (4) hours for the entire season, if the swimmer maintains his/her eligibility. Volunteer hours at League Relay Finals or League Championships or both, do not count towards this four hour requirement. 

If you have not met your volunteer obligation by the end of the summer season, you will be fined $25.00 for each unfulfilled hour. All non-payments of such fines will be carried over to the following season. Any outstanding fines or fees incurred in the upcoming Pacific Sands Penguins Swim Team season must be paid prior to participating in the following year’s registration process or the registration may be denied.

It is the responsibility of the swim team member’s parent to check-in with the Volunteer Coordinator one (1) hour prior to the start of each meet to confirm that you will fulfill the job you signed up for online. Both first and second-half session volunteers must check-in before the start of the swim meet even if you are not scheduled to work until the second half of the meet, or you will be considered a "No Show", and a FINE of fifty dollar per hour ($50.00/hr) will be levied against your account for each unfilled position.

Please note that if your swimmer is invited to participate in either the League Relay Finals or League Championships or both, you will be expected to help fulfill the Pacific Sands Penguins Swim Team obligation to the League by signing up for a volunteer position at one or both of these meets. Any hours worked at either Relays and/or League Championships will be considered over and above your obligation to fulfill the expected 16 hour family volunteer commitment. These additional volunteer hours worked WILL NOT COUNT towards the fulfillment of your total volunteer hour requirement (To be determined based on total number of swim team families who register for the upcoming season).

NOTE: Championships for 2017 will not be an obligation unless your child is swimming. If your child is not swimming in the meet, the hours will count toward your obligation balance. All parents are encouraged to help out at this meet.

Job Descriptions

  • APPAREL SALES (HOME MEETS ONLY):  Helps with set up, sells Penguin gear during meet, and helps put apparel away.
  • CLEAN UP DURING MEET (HOME MEETS ONLY):  Picks up litter from the ground. Takes trash from bathrooms to dumpster.  Be sure to replace liners in trash cans.  Takes trash from cans both in and out of pool area to dumpster.
  • COMPUTER INPUT (HOME MEETS ONLY): Manage the timing system database checking swimmer lane assignments and electronic timing inputs against stopwatch record.
  • EVENT BOARD MONITOR:  Responsible for updating the event numbers on board.  Sit poolside.
  • FLOATER:  Must be flexible.  Fills in where needed at the meet.  
  • HOSPITALITY (HOME MEETS ONLY):  Makes lemonade.  Provides lemonade/water to all on-deck helpers as well as food to coaching staff.
  • LABORERS:  Move bleachers either from tennis courts to pool deck or from pool deck back to tennis courts.
  • LANE SLIP ORGANIZER:  Organizes lane slips and gives to computer input people.  Start and end time depends on pace of meet.
  • LANE SLIP RUNNER:  Pulls slips from the lane writer and delivers to scoring table. Start and end time depends on pace of meet.
  • LANE STAGER:  Assists coaches with organizing and managing 8 and under swimmers into lanes for races.  Must stay with swimmers behind blocks until a coach arrives. Start and end time depends on pace of meet.
  • LANE WRITER:  Record name of swimmer, swimmer number, and their times for each event.  One per Penguins lane. Start and end time depends on pace of meet.
  • MEET SET-UP (HOME MEETS ONLY) Show up at 6:00 a.m. to help put up all equipment (i.e. EZ-ups, computers, lane lines, blocks, tables, chairs, etc.).  Check in with meet set up organizer.
  • MEET TAKE-DOWN (HOME MEETS ONLY) Responsible for taking down the equipment and cleaning up at the end of each home meet. Ensure pool area is free of trash, clubhouse is clean, tables are put back, and everything is put away.  Take trash to dumpster.  Check in with meet take down organizer.
  • RIBBONS: Check stickers for accuracy and affix them to the appropriate ribbon. Ribbons are then placed in the swimmers box the following Monday.
  • SNACK BAR (HOME MEETS ONLY):  Sets up snack bar.  Helps prepare and sell food.  Helps with clean up. Follow times on sign up sheet, not the pace of the meet.
  • SNACK BAR FRIDAY PREP (HOME MEETS ONLY):  Helps prep food and prepare snack bar for swim meet.  Typically Friday night before the meet.  
  • SNOW CONE SALES (HOME MEETS ONLY):  Sets up, sells snow cones, and cleans up.  Follows time on sign up sheet, not the pace of the meet.
  • SWIMMER CHECK IN:  Check in swimmers and write their swimmer ID on arms/hands.
  • TIMER/HEAD BACK UP:  Times each race with stop watch in order to provide a time in the event that another watch fails or if a lane timer misses a start.  Start and end time depends on pace of meet.
  • TIMER:  Assigned to a specific lane and times each event.  Start and end time depends on pace of meet.
  • VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR:  Works with team volunteer coordinator to ensure all volunteers are checked in and show up to work their shift.