Swimmer's Training  Equipment

Other than the usual goggles, cap, and swim suit, it is important for swimmers to bring specific training equipment to workouts. Feel free to ask a coach if you have any questions regarding any future purchases of specific practice equipment.

Equipment Needed for Meets

3-4 Towels, racing suit, goggles, and Team Cap are considered swim meet essentials. One may also wish to consider a team parka, folding chair, & an easy-up.

Equipment Needed for Practice


We recommend the TYR Catalyst training paddle, though there a a few paddles with this approximate shape that can serve as substitute. Always check with a coach before ordering, so that the right size paddle can be determined.


Most pull-buoys are the same, though the Finis buoy is easier to grip than most. Also, be sure to note whether you are selecting an adult or youth size before ordering.


Almost any training-style kickboard will work as well as another. The one on the left just has cool handles.


There are many training fins available, but be sure to order short-bladed fins made for competitive swim training. TYR, Speedo, and A3 make some of the best fins available.


You will need a gear bag to store all of this cool stuff, and the bag will help swimmers keep their gear separate when piled in a lane. The mesh bag pictured here usually runs between 5 and 10 dollars.


Stretchcordz are an optional piece of training equipment that would be recommended only to Elite or Platinum level swimmers. There are four different strength levels available, so do not buy this item unless speaking with a coach first.


Snorkels are another type of optional training equipment. They help a swimmer with stroke technique in a way that no other training equipment can. However, for hygienic reasons, this is not a piece of equipment that should be shared amongst swimmers. It is important to note that this is NOT a side-breathing snorkel that you would use in the ocean. It runs straight up the forehead in line with the swimmer's spine.

General Equipment Recommendations:

White & Red Groups - No specific equipment necessary, just suit goggles, cap

Silver Group - Paddles, Pull-buoy, Kick-board, Gear Bag

Gold Group Paddles, Pull-buoy, Kick-board, Fins, Gear Bag, plus optional equipment as directed by coach