High School Discount

High School Swimmer Agreement

To qualify for the reduced enrollment fee ($35) a high school aged swimmer must agree to maintain eligibility for the entirety of the summer season and promise to be available for competition in the conference final meet at season’s end.

Eligibility to be considered a High School Aged swimmer: 

 A swimmer must have started high school in September of the previous year or must have turned 15 years old prior to June 1st of the current swim season.

How to maintain eligibility:

  1. Compete in a minimum of four (4) dual meets before the Conference Final.
    • A swimmer must compete in a minimum of two (2) events in a particular meet for that meet to be counted toward eligibility.
    • The Relay Final meet may be counted toward eligibility only if the swimmer has completed two meets prior to the relay meet.
  2. Sign this agreement and pay fees prior to the swimmer’s first practice with the team. 

A high school aged swimmer who is either unwilling or unable to meet the eligibility requirements will be asked to leave the team; however, a swimmer with Cabana Club family membership may continue with the team by paying the balance of a full summer tuition and the swimmer’s parent(s) agreeing to fulfill the required volunteer hours as established by the aquatics board of the Cabana Club.

You can download an Agreement form to hand in with your payment by clicking here.