Swim Meet Volunteer Duties

Swim Meet Volunteer Duties

Organizing and keeping a swim team going takes many volunteers.  Home meets require close to 50 workers and away meets require about half that number.  It is the responsibility of every parent of a swimmer to help out in these positions.  Please pitch in to make this a great season for our swimmers!  Following are descriptions of volunteer positions:

Timers NEEDED AT EVERY MEET.  Times the swimmers in each race using stopwatches provided by each respective team.  One Timer records all times on the timer sheet.  The other timer pushes the plunger for the timing system.  Both timers use stopwatches to record the time of the race.  This may vary slightly at other meet locations depending on their timing set-up.

Stroke and Turn Judge* — NEEDED AT EVERY MEET.  Determines if each swimmer is swimming the stroke legally as defined by USA Swimming rules.  It is the responsibility of the Stroke and Turn Judge to disqualify any swimmer whose stroke, start, turn, or finish is illegal.  The team provides an online training program (free of charge) to anyone interested in becoming a stroke and turn judge.  Once the online program is complete, you must shadow another stroke and turn official at 2 meets to finalize training.  Just like with timers, the more we provide, the less we all work.


Announcer — Announces all events, calls up events and announces timers schedule shifts.  Make any other necessary announcements.

Hospitality, during the meet — Keeps all workers and coaches hydrated with water or other beverages and provides snacks for timers and a meal for coaches.

Computer Helpers – Assists with the operation of the Colorado timing system and the Hytek Meet Manager.  Should be 2 people manning this area at all times.

Set-up for Meet – Anyone that is available reports to the pool for home meets at 6:00pm Friday night.  Responsible for helping prepare the pool deck for the meet. This is a physically demanding job that is quick and intense for approximately 1 hour if we have lots of volunteers.

Clean-Up after Meet – Anyone that is available to stay after a home meet.  Responsible for breaking down all equipment and cleaning the pool deck. This is a physically demanding job that is quick and intense for approximately 1 hour if we have lots of volunteers.

Concession Stand Volunteers – help sell food items and heat sheets to meet attendees.

Referee* — Presides over the meet to see that the meet runs on time, and is fair and safe for all swimmers.  It is the responsibility of the Meet Referee to stop a meet due to hazardous weather conditions.  The Meet Referee holds meetings for coaches and officials at the beginning of each meet to answer any questions and make necessary clarifications of rules and procedures.  The Meet Referee clears the pool at the start of each race by blowing a whistle.  He/She must also sign all swimmer disqualification forms before they are sent to the Computer table.

Ribbon Labeler — Places labels on ribbons indicating swimmer’s event, age group, and time.  Labels are printed out after the meet’s data are entered.  This job tries to be completed by the end of the meet.

Runner — Transfers meet documents as needed.  DQ Runners bring DQ slips from judges to meet referee for initialing, then to the computer table.  Ribbon Runners deliver heat and participant ribbons.

Starter* — Gives the commands to the swimmers to start each race, and then to start the race.

Head Timer – Responsible for starting 2 additional watches at the beginning of each race as back up for lane timers.  Assists computer table with missed times whenever necessary.